Best Live Chat APIs for Developers 2023

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Chat APIs have recently reached a pinnacle in their level of appeal among programmers worldwide. The most up-to-date method for creating dynamic features in messaging applications is to use live chat API. Due to this, developers now have additional options to consider when selecting a provider for their app. The top 5 chat APIs are discussed below (application programming interfaces).

Top Chat API Platforms of 2023


ZEGOCLOUD was established in June 2015 and is a worldwide supplier of chat API, which makes it simple for businesses and developers to add live chat features by integrating a single SDK. It also provides high-quality audio and video connections despite intermittent or slow Internet connections.

Since its founding, the business has made audio, and video processing engines its primary emphasis. And excel at the top tier in areas like pre-processing audio, adapting to different networks, and working on several platforms. Meanwhile, they have developed the MSDN, a vast and organized self-learning data network, which allows their service to encompass hundreds of interactive audio and video situations throughout the globe, with an average of 3 billion daily usage minutes.


ZEGOCLOUD is dedicated to improving service quality by using cutting-edge methods of cloud-based communication. During the product delivery process, they provide VIP technical support, legal development and integration services, and specialized consulting services tailored to each client’s unique requirements. ZEGOCLOUD has satisfied and earned the trust of many industry leaders across the social media, gaming, live streaming, finance, education, healthcare, and intelligent hardware sectors by providing high-quality services to users in over 200 areas worldwide.


You’ll get 10,000 free minutes monthly, and then you’ll only pay for the minutes you use. They have tiered pricing that makes it affordable for companies of all sizes.

2. Vonage

With Vonage’s live chat API, clients can connect and interact from any device using cloud-hosted audio, video, live chat, and SMS services (SMS). Using the Nexmo API platform, Vonage frees developers from the tedium of constructing backend infrastructure for integrating live chat, voice, and authentication into apps.


Whether a small business in a remote area or a multinational corporation with a globalized staff, Vonage has a tool that may help them communicate and collaborate more effectively. Provided options range from BYOB (bring your broadband) cloud services to carrier-grade dependability and QoS (quality of service) provided by a private MPLS network, SD-WAN (software-defined vast area network) for UCaaS technologies, and hybrid solutions. Many commonplace enterprise programs work seamlessly with Vonage UCaaS.


All plans’ services and invoicing will continue until the subscription is terminated. You may terminate your Vonage service anytime via the portal or by phoning customer support. However, if you do so during the contract period, you will be charged an Early Termination Fee equal to the total amount of your service agreement.

A one-year commitment, minimum. For the duration of a VBC account, you won’t have to worry about paying the typically $30 monthly fee for a single local phone line. Limit 99 lines per online order; taxes and shipping costs are not included. Potentially more fees are included.

Unlimited talk time and text messages are subject to fair use policies. The use of mobile data may incur fees. Unfortunately, Mexico does not support SMS.

3. SendBird

Businesses can add in-app messaging to their mobile, web, and consumer apps with the help of SendBird, a flexible messaging SDK and chat API. From live chat API and group chat to massive-scale channels, the platform offers the client SDK, front-end UI, and backend technology required for smooth user communication. Retail, on-demand services, finance, telecommunications, and business messaging are just some of the many domains and applications we support with our chat solution.


SendBird’s auto partitioning function divides or combines chat rooms mechanically according to audience size to keep participation stable. By slowing down or speeding up the displayed messages, intelligent throttling makes it easier for viewers to follow discussions. Users may create their dictionaries to filter profanity and stop spam automatically. By freezing channels, muzzing people, removing/banning users from chat rooms, and disabling users, moderation tools assist monitor and governing chat rooms and handling abusive users.


They provide reasonable prices for the quality of their products. Send bird is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a simple chat service that requires no configuration.

4. TalkJS

TalkJS is a robust Live Chat API designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and new businesses. Complete solutions for Windows are available from TalkJS. This web-based API chat service provides centralized control over branding, geotargeting, and transfers/routing.


Incorporating a live chat API into your website or mobile app couldn’t be easier than using TalkJS. A sophisticated chat user interface is included, and it may be used with almost any programming language or framework. You can have your chat system up and operate in just a few hours.

Technology Development Kit for JavaScript

Our talk.js real-time messaging platform and polished user interface are ideal candidates for integrating with a two-way chat feature.

Complete with all the bells and whistles. You can do whatever you want with this chat software. Consistent and extensible. Concurrent synchronization across many platforms in real-time. Transport quicker and Transform any div into a fully functional chat room. Get going in within a ten-minute time frame.


Starting Cost is $49 a month.

An Attempt Is On The House: A free demo is readily accessible.

5. Twilio Chat API

With its modular approach, Twilio, a cloud-based communication platform equips businesses with vital means of interaction, including live chat API, SIP trunking, phone calls, and SMS messaging.

The software provides a unified center for an organization’s omnichannel communication channels, enabling tailored interactions with customers at every buying cycle stage. Customers tend to stick with businesses that use an omnichannel approach to communication. You may build whole new apps using Twilio’s chat APIs to enhance the user experience, or you can add communication capabilities to your current apps.

Twilio Chat API

The Twilio chat API is a unified API for sending and receiving SMS, MMS, chat, and other forms of communication. You and your customers will be able to communicate more efficiently thanks to multimedia features, including the exchange of images, videos, and other files. Additionally, you may increase the size of a chat from a single person to as many as one thousand people. SMS and chat interactions are also HIPAA compliant, so you can rest easy whether you’re a healthcare practitioner or a company.

SMS Pricing and Plans

Sending an SMS is a “pay as you go” service. The Cost of sending or receiving a text message varies on both the content of the message and the phone number it was sent or received from.

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