BGMI Lite Release Date, Features, Requirements, File Size and More Details

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Here, you can find information about the BGMI Lite release date, features, phone requirements, file size, direct APK download links, and more. We all know that the gaming industry keeps growing in the world we live in now. The gaming industry has done a great job of getting people to depend on it and has come up with many creative ways to keep people coming back.

What is BGMI Lite?

Royal battle games are among the most popular, and well-known companies like Krafton, Garnera, and Apex legend make them. PUBG was the most popular game in India, and people of almost every age played it. Tencent Games and Krafton also worked together to make PUBG. But it was banned in India because China was worried about its safety. After PUBG was banned, Krafton made another battle game called Battle Grounds Mobile India to fill the void.

There is a problem with these games: they only work well on high-end phones because they need a lot of maintenance. Another big problem was that these games used to take up a lot of space on the phones so they couldn’t be installed on mid-range phones. Also on the way is the BGMI 2.4 Beta Update.

BGMI Lite Release Date

Krafton released BGMI Lite, a mobile version of the famous Battle Royale game that is easier and quicker to play. It gives users a great way to play when they don’t have enough time to play a full-fledged battle royale game. BGMI light makes the game easier to play and gives players who sign up ahead of time early access and rewards for participating. This is done so that people will keep playing the game.

The device heats up and slows down when the original version is installed on mid-range phones. The BGMI lite version solves these problems. But these new features have a downside: BGMI lite’s graphics aren’t as good as they could be. The company Krafton also made a game called PUBG Lite. It was also made to take up less space, but the graphics were not as good as they could have been.

 BGMI Lite Game Theme

The upcoming smartphone game MI Lite by BGMI Games takes place in the Victorian era. It has a fun way to fight, beautiful graphics, and an interesting story. In MI Light, which is set in the time period, the conflict between the supernatural and the real world is told. In the game, you are one of the only people who can fight against the supernatural.

Aim of BGMI Lite

To make a lite version for mobile phones with low specs and add more features. To make sure that as many of the problems low-end phone users have can be fixed as possible. Krafton also did a vote poll to find out how interested gamers were and if the lite version could be used.

 BGMI Lite Game Details

Name of the Game

Battle Grounds Mobile India game Lite


Lite Version of the Game for Mid-range, budget-friendly mobile phones

Developer Company

Krafton & Level infinite

Supporting Platform

Android 5.1.1 and Up



BGMI Lite Size

600-700 MB

BGMI Lite Release Date 

Not announced yet.

BGMI Lite APK download link

As of now, there is no direct link to download the APK version.

BGMI Lite System Requirements and File Size

The new version of BGMI is not as easy to use as the old one. So, there are a few things that the phones need to have to install BGMi lite.

  • To download the BGMI Lite, you need at least 1GB of RAM and Android 5.1.1.
  • When all the maps are downloaded, BGMI Lite can be between 600 and 700 MB in size.
  • There are settings for UHD graphics in the game.
  • On the best Android devices, the frame rate can reach 90 fps.
  • From 400 to 300, the touch may be a little less sensitive.
  • Phones with iOS can’t play the game.

BGMI LIte Features

The company has not yet put out an official teaser for the game. So, not much is known about the game’s features. But the list below shows some of the things that people thought the BGMI lite version would have.

  • The BGMI Lite is likely to have the same features and provide a strong gaming experience. The only difference is that the smaller one is made to fit devices with less memory in terms of size and specs.
  • Since BGMI Lite is the game’s lighter version, players can expect it to be a lot like PUBG Mobile Lite. This means that people with low-end devices will be able to play the game at much lower graphic settings. Fewer Battle Royale maps will be available, and it’s likely that there will be less to do in the Arcade. But the choices of weapons (Arsenal) will be the same as they were in BGMI.
  • The mobile version of the game has some unique features, like the ability for up to four people to play at once and the ability to play without an internet connection.
  • Like the Winning Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite, the Royale Pass in BGMI Lite will cost less than the original BGMI edition.
  • There isn’t much chance that there will be a lot of event modes in Classic matches, since the Lite edition will be made to use as little RAM space as possible. Because of this, users might not be able to play many different game modes.

How to download BGMI lite ?

While it has previously been mentioned, there has been no formal notification of the launch of BGMI in India. As a result, there isn’t a working link to download the game’s APK right now. But you may download the game from the BGMI website by clicking this link:

  • To get the BGMI Lite APK, go to the Google Play Store or the company’s website.
  • Once it’s open, look for and download the BGMI Lite app from the Play Store.
  • Install BGMI Lite on your computer.
  • If you have already registered for BGMI Lite, you will receive the beta version of the game after downloading.
  • Open the BGMI Lite application you obtained from the APK.
  • Choose “You are a beta tester” after using the scroll buttons to descend.
  • By selecting the download option, the user can now download the finished product.

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