What is Bluesky and How can You Set up Account on Bluesky?

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Those who have seen behind the scenes claim that Bluesky is quite similar to Twitter (opens in a new tab), despite the fact that it is currently only accessible to those with an invite code. The app is still arguably a little too much of a Twitter clone, right down to the “Following” news feed variety, as shown in the company’s given screenshots of the Android version of the app.

The AT protocol, an open source social media standard, was created in 2019 as a Twitter-funded side project (opens in a new tab) while Dorsey was still the CEO of Twitter. Bluesky, a decentralized alternative to Twitter, premiered on Apple’s App Store in February.

What is Bluesky?

The “decentralized” social media platform Bluesky is supported by Jack Dorsey, the former CEO and founder of Twitter. It is run by CEO Jay Graber, who, according to CoinDesk (opens in a new tab), was picked by pre-Musk Twitter at least in part because of her experience as a crypto developer. It was designed to operate somewhat similarly to Mastodon, another Twitter alternative, with its federated universe of user-navigable individual servers. But because Bluesky is so new, those community divisions that ultimately hurt Mastodon because so many users found them confusing(opens in a new tab) haven’t really been created yet.

What’s left is a basic “microblogging” program that is strikingly reminiscent of Twitter’s early stages. The user interface and, as of yesterday, the postings with minimal stakes and for fun have a vintage feel to them. Right now, short, humorous posts rule the app.

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You can’t DM anyone on Bluesky. No video functionality is available. Even GIFs can’t be uploaded by users.

Users can post non-moving photos and have a character limit of 300 per post (sorry, per “skeet”). I’m done now. Where can I locate content? A chronological feed of the postings made by the users you follow is available. Additionally, there is a “What’s Hot” feed that appears to display posts on the platform that have received a lot of “reposts” and “likes” chronologically, whether or not you are following the user.

NFT profiles don’t have pictures. Even if you have an extra $8 lying around, there are no blue checkmark verification badges. Hell, if changing my password is even possible in the first place, I can’t even figure out where to do it.

Am I able to use Bluesky?

Bluesky currently only accepts invites. I received an invite two weeks ago and created my account. The platform was really dull at the time. The audience was largely composed of techies, including annoying Web3 folks evangelizing blockchain and sincere developers discussing their line of work. That’s alright, but that’s not Twitter, I suppose. I believed Bluesky would follow the path of these further Twitter substitutes: No, it won’t replace Twitter, but it’s fine as a niche community.

Will Twitter be killed by Bluesky?

But something happened from Wednesday night into Thursday. It seems that certain Bluesky invite codes simply ended up in the hands of the appropriate people: amusing Twitter shitposters.

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Many people have yearned for a location to go that is free of Elon Musk and his method of running a social media site ever since Musk first gained control of Twitter. Every choice made by Musk contributed to the platform’s decline, but the priority of users who fork down $8 for Twitter Blue was undoubtedly the most startling change. Their posts have taken over the internet at this point, dominating the For You feed and rising to the top of a tweet’s reply thread.

Bluesky: the decentralized Twitter alternative 

Tech media and other users I follow on Twitter have suddenly started to fill up Bluesky, the decentralized Twitter alternative created by Twitter itself. I would frequently check Twitter for various reasons and see someone pleading for a Bluesky invite; a short while later, they would appear in my Bluesky skyline (timeline) and start skeeting (tweeting). I was most pleased to find that the bulk of those news hounds and former Twitter obsessives posted with a raw, crazy enthusiasm that I haven’t seen in a very long time. While that means I might be able to use Bluesky for true newsgathering, which is what I rely on Twitter for most.

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