The Last of Us Part I PC Port’s New 25 GB Patch Fixes Crashing

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The Last of Us Part I for PC has received a big 25GB patch, intended at correcting the game’s terrible state when it was released. The version, dubbed v1.0.4.0, is the seventh update since the port’s first release on March 28, demonstrating that developer Naughty Dog hasn’t given up on it yet. The patch focuses primarily on improving CPU and GPU performance in-game, as well as offering increased graphical fidelity on Low and Medium settings. The low-res textures were a major source of controversy upon release, with many fans posting photos of a caveman Joel and mocking the port’s state.

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The patch notes list 22 changes for The Last of Us Part I on PC, with a large portion focusing on crashes that occur upon death, upon returning to the main menu, and during the ‘Shader Building’ process. We noticed in our evaluation how time-consuming the procedure was, even on powerful CPUs like the AMD Ryzen 7 5800x, which put 100 percent strain on all eight cores. “Fixed an issue where the shader load warning did not appear while relaunching the game,” according to the update.

Following that, despite the game being installed on SSDs, players had to endure an unusually long loading time. Naughty Dog has finally solved this issue while also offering new options to help players measure performance. You can now enable performance analytics in the HUD menu in settings, and there are clearer descriptors for how graphics modifications may effect your system.

“We at Naughty Dog and our partners at Iron Galaxy are closely watching player reports to support future improvements and patches,” according to the post. “We are actively optimising, working on game stability, and implementing additional fixes, all of which will be included in regularly released future updates.” Iron Galaxy was also in charge of transferring Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection to PC, which had technical concerns that carried over to The Last of Us Part 1. For example, using the mouse to navigate the camera causes micro stutters, which are exacerbated by your character’s movement. However, the problem does not appear to affect controller inputs.

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Naughty Dog has also corrected a bug that caused the game to freeze when you skipped cutscenes. Foreign language translations in menu options have also been fixed. The Last of Us Part 1 uses AMD’s FSR2.0 upscaling option by default to offer greater performance with less visual quality loss. It turns out that the Steam Deck version was experiencing issues with defaulting to it, which has since been resolved. While the port is much better than it was during launch week, it is still far from perfect. The detailed patch notes for v1.0.4.0 may be found on the official website.

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The Last of Us Part I is now available on PC and PlayStation 5.

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