Should You Buy iPhone X in 2023?

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Are you an iPhone user? What are your experiences? Are you thinking of getting a new iPhone X series? What should you consider before you buy? Let us investigate, shall we?

We know iPhone has a huge fanbase. This brand stepped into the mobile market with a boom and has come a long way. iPhone prices are extravagant, we agree! Hence we try to keep it safe under the best iPhone X cover and screen protector. Well, let us know why this smartphone is a crazy selling product. And should you buy one in the upcoming year? Is it worth it!

Apple swept the storm on Nov 3, 2017, by launching a new iPhone X labeled as iPhone 10. It was a revolutionary smartphone claimed by the CEO Tim Cook. He said, “The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

True to the claims, it has a narrow bezel OLED display, a cliché design, a Face ID system, and many more features that have raised the bar in the mobile world.


Crisp and Clear visuals are vowed with a 5.8” OLED screen. However, many critics claim that Samsung incorporated OLED displays since the Galaxy series.

Apple refuted all the claims by saying that technology is now good enough for their phones. We do agree with Apple. The technology is just getting better and better with time with cutting-edge technology.

A True Tone Technology advances the phone by adjusting White light and luminance as the light varies. It makes the phone readable during sunlight.

Face Recognition:

One of the most catchy features of an iPhone is its face recognition technology. It eliminates the need for Touch ID or home buttons.

Face ID protects and secures your data within the device. Apple True Depth camera system with technology is excellent. It only takes 30 minutes to set up this feature. It is easy to even for non-techy people.

Still, it requires a backup pin. It is critical if you are wearing makeup, a hat, a wig, or a scarf. Don’t you worry if you have a different haircut or got yourself clean shaved, just validate your identity by passcode and FaceID will update your data immediately?


iPhone X has an updated 12-megapixel rear camera with a wide-angle and telephoto lens. It helps you zoom without losing image quality. It is a better version when compared to iPhone 11 camera.

Apple’s selfie camera is fabulous. This company searches all the market trends while creating new models. Portrait Lighting on the front and back camera is icing on the cake, which allows you to get portfolio pics without hassle.

Another fact is after 2017 Apple started assembling iPhones in India. So does it mean that iPhones are made in India ?


iPhone X uses Apple’s A11 Bionic processor that itself is the best in the market to date. A11 is efficient and provides at par graphic capabilities. It is designed to transcend daily operational needs. Also, the A11 Bionic processor has two cores devoted to a neutral engine. This processes over 600 billion operations per second.

Therefore, you can manage heavy tasks on the go. iPhone X also prevents unexpected shutdowns with performance management technologies.

Is the iPhone X ultimate budgeted phone under 50k?

iPhone X when launched in 2017 was the best with the features like OLED display and Face ID system. It was a revolution in the market as it has gone through a major path compared to iPhone 8 and earlier models. However, we think that it is not an ideal choice for 2023. Why? Let me tell you!

Compared to iPhone XR and iPhone 11, iPhone X has a narrow bezel OLED display that looks way better and sharper. However, here the benefit ends. iPhone X is four years old which means you will only get 2 years of software support. The performance of the iPhone X is yet good but not better than iPhone XR. Battery life is subpar and won’t last longer than a day. Cameras are also decent but with new launches, you may miss something.

Final Verdict:

If you are a true fan of the iPhone X, we won’t disappoint you. The reason is that iPhone still is the best deal to have. It is difficult to get an iPhone X these days as it has gone through in the market for a very long (4yrs). You can go for a refurbished model.

We recommend you to get an iPhone XR or an iPhone 11 if you are ready for an expensive buy!

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