Interesting Facts about CBD Dog Oil Supplements

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CBD is one of the natural supplements which can offer a lot of health benefits to your pet. People have used it for years, but they are still unsure how their pets react to it. Many still think it has something to do with cannabis, but that’s not entirely true.

Yes, both CBD and THC come from cannabis. But you’ll be glad to know that CBD is no mind-altering substance. THC is. Reputable brands don’t use THC in the process of making pet goods. They only got cannabidiol from hemp, usually strains with a minimal amount or no THC at all.

Why THC is not good for dogs, read below:

Interesting facts about CBD oil for dogs may raise interest in pet owners to better research this supplement. But they can be very educational, too. Knowing this information will help you to determine whether this natural supplement should be part of your dog’s routine or not.

Help with a Variety of Health Issues

Did you know that CBD oil is not only an efficient source of pain relief, but it can help your furry buddy with different kinds of diseases like arthritis and various tumors as well? This product has shown impressive results in treating inflammation that triggers a variety of ailments. It can reduce the symptoms of different chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and even cancer.

In addition to physical health, CBD oil is an excellent supplement for your dog’s mental health. Many animals suffer from various forms of anxiety and phobias. It’s not always easy to deal with aggressive, sad, or destructive dogs. CBD can restore balance to their psyche. It has a beneficial effect on dopamine and serotonin, brain chemicals that control emotions and mood.

This natural remedy is an excellent method to avoid prescription drugs that can bring your dog more harm than good, like painkillers or antidepressants. But it’s also beneficial for animals that use these medications regularly, as CBD can enhance their action and reduce the risk of side effects. It’s one of the interesting facts that help this oil gain more popularity as a natural remedy.

Possible Cancer Cure

Although scientists are working on that, there is no conclusive evidence on the full curation effects of CBD oil on different kinds of tumors. But, it’s known that it helps to shrink cancerogenic tissues. This product abounds in terpenoids and antioxidants that give it anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants also fight free radicals causing cell damage. They are said to help ‘freeing up’ clogged arteries and capillaries, which contribute to the formation of cancerous tumors.

Risk-Free Remedy

An interesting fact about CBD oil for dogs is that it’s completely safe. According to studies, it doesn’t affect the animal’s metabolism in any way whatsoever. This supplement doesn’t affect the liver but enters the bloodstream directly. That’s how it acts fast and brings relief.

The side effects of these oils are similar to those of prescription drugs. Still, they can be less severe than those. These slight inconveniences (nausea or tummy issues) usually pass quickly. But if you adhere to the prescribed dosage and vet’s instruction, you won’t have to worry about anything.

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No Addiction

Another interesting fact about CBD is that it’s not addictive. You can give this supplement to your four-legged friends daily as it’s not likely to cause them harm. The chance of overdosing is almost none, but you still shouldn’t exaggerate. Cannabidiol is effective but not all-mighty.

Regardless of its safety, CBD oil should only be administered under the supervision of a licensed expert. If you are considering this option for your pet dog, discuss this detail with your vet. The good news is that most dogs don’t develop a tolerance to this substance. Once you have stopped giving them hemp-based oil, they should have no problems sleeping or eating on their own.

Different Dosages, Different Effects

It is important to note that this kind of oil has different effects on different dogs. CBD can act differently on your pets because of their physiologies and body chemistry. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system made of receptors. But the layout of these receptors through the body is not the same.

Also, the effects will depend on the administration method. You should give CBD oil to your pup orally whenever you can. This method is the best when it comes to absorption and solubility. This way, cannabidiol enters the bloodstream fast and acts in a matter of minutes. You can easily calculate the dosage here.

But not all dogs are thrilled with a dropper full of bitter liquid in their mouth. If you deal with stubborn pets, try to hide CBD oil in their foods or treats. This way, it will have to pass through their digestive tract. It takes time, but it’s almost equally effective as oral ingestion.

If you need even faster action, try with topical application of CBD oil. This method is helpful if your pup has painful or swollen joints, skin issues, irritation, or fur problems. This remedy contains omega fatty acids, which are proven solutions for skin inflammation and hair care.

Dog owners have the right to want only the best for their four-legged friends. That also applies to medicines and supplements that should ensure the health and long life of their pets. If they choose and research all the options wisely, they will see that CBD oil may be the right thing to do.

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