3 Features Every Cloud-based MRP Software Should Have

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The truth is that manufacturing is not the fastest industry in adopting technology. On-premise ERP systems, too complicated, and far too expensive are still the standard for small, medium, and large product-making businesses alike. However, cloud adoption is on the rise, proving its benefits to factories that struggle with inventory management, shop floor control, order management, traceability, and production planning.

Modern tools like cloud-based MRP software help manufacturers reduce costs, improve end-to-end business efficiencies, streamline operations, and increase profits. As a result, manufacturers leverage technology to  reimagine their brands, develop, sell, and deliver products at high standards, exceeding their customers’ expectations.

Here are the top 3 features manufacturers should look into when adopting an MRP system.

1.  Manufacturing operations management

Modern manufacturing operations management is pressured to provide more flexibility and interconnectedness, due to product innovation and volatility in market demand. Security issues and supply chain concerns restricted MOM applications to on-premise performance only. Nowadays, cloud-based software providers are able to address these issues faster and easier.

2.  Product development

Manufacturers deal with multiple systems, teams, locations, partners, and suppliers and vendors. The right cloud-based applications enable manufacturers to integrate all business tools, processes, and people into a single point-of-truth. This means that research and development, production recipes, engineering, and visualization, become much smoother, interconnected, and enable manufacturers to access actionable information and make informed decisions.

3.  Productivity management

Productivity management implies working smart, not hard. Cloud-based platforms enable factories to optimize operations instead of infrastructure, make informed decisions based on accurate data, and become more proactive. These tools offer complete visibility across the supply chain which gives teams the opportunity to maximize asset availability, process performance, and people participation.

Final thoughts

Technology has played a pivotal role in the growth of global businesses, and it’s time for manufacturing businesses to take advantage of it too. With the right software, manufacturing businesses can gain better visibility across their supply chain, improve their productivity rate, make data-driven decisions, and improve operations. Choosing the right cloud-based MRP starts with identifying and understanding what particular challenges a manufacturing business faces. Keeping the three features outlined above in mind, experimenting with trial versions of different software, and aligning the business’ goals are pivotal factors in selecting the right technology to streamline manufacturing businesses.

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