Elon Musk Becomes World’s Richest Person Again

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Elon Musk has reclaimed his position as the world’s wealthiest individual by surpassing Bernard Arnault, the CEO of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Elon Musk net worth was approximately $192 billion as of Thursday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, while Arnault’s was $187 billion.

Index data revealed that following Musk and Arnault are Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates with $144 billion and $125 billion, respectively.

The index is a daily ranking of the wealthiest individuals in the globe. In the net worth analysis section of each billionaire’s profile page, calculations are described in detail. The figures are updated at the end of each New York trading day.

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After shares of Arnault’s company fell more than 2 percent in the most recent trade, Tesla CEO Musk regained the top spot on the list of wealthiest individuals.

Musk’s increasing fortune can be partially attributed to the recent surge in Tesla stock prices. In 2023, they have increased 89 percent so far, according to data.

Musk and Arnault have been tied for first place on the list of the wealthiest individuals. Bernard Arnault reportedly surpassed the Tesla CEO in December 2022, after being in second place for more than two months. Musk reclaimed his title at the end of February.

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