Keep Private WhatsApp Chats Hidden with New Passcode Feature

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The popular messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced a handy new privacy feature to better protect sensitive conversations. Users can now conceal their locked chats behind a personal secret passcode.

In the latest app update, WhatsApp gives users the option to set a custom string of letters, numbers, characters, or emoji as the password to access locked chats. This code must be entered in the search bar to reveal the hidden folder. The feature prevents snoops from knowing private talks even exist.

While the secret code adds an extra security layer, WhatsApp states users can still opt to have locked chats visible in the main chat list. The choice depends on individual comfort levels. Furthermore, chats can now be locked instantly without changing settings. Additionally, you can also read about- WhatsApp Rolling Out New Privacy Option to Mask IP Addresses on Voice Calls

 The secure code functionality launches this week and will spread over the next few months. It expands WhatsApp’s existing fingerprint and face verification unlock methods introduced earlier this year. As privacy concerns grow, features like these offer confidence.

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