What’s the Most Fun Way to Experience Israel? Here are the Top Suggestions

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It’s often said that Israel is the heart of the world. It is certainly the heart of Abrahamic religion, being a significant place in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Because of Israel’s religious connections, it receives millions of tourists each year, many of whom are on religious pilgrimages. However, you don’t have to be on a religious pilgrimage to visit Israel, nor do you have to be religious at all. Israel is a modern, free nation where everybody’s free to live their lives the way that they want to. Whether you want to party, visit historical sites, or enjoy the great outdoors, Israel has it all.

This post will tell you about the most fun ways to experience Israel:

Summer Programs

For decades now, Israel has offered summer programs for international Jews. If you are Jewish, then summer programs in Israel could be a great way to experience what life’s like in another country. Attending these programs is a fantastic way of making new friends, gaining life experience, and most of all, experiencing one of the world’s most diverse and interesting countries. Some of these courses are free to attend, and others require payment. There is a broad range of programs available. Some are religious, while others will help you to gain skills in the area of work that you want to take up professionally. Internships and work experience in Israeli companies are how these programs offer work experience.

Taking Tours

If you are going to visit Israel purely to go on vacation and you do not intend (or want) to take any summer programs or courses, then consider taking a tour. There’s so much to see in Israel that there’s no way you will be able to see it all on your own, if only because you don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of all of Israel’s most interesting sites and destinations. A tour of Israel will be conducted by bus, with accommodation usually being arranged along the way by the tour’s operator. Most tours are very affordable and are definitely worth your time.

Mountain Forts

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that Israel has a lot of mountain forts and ancient structures. When you are planning on visiting Israel, why not consider going on a few hikes in the nation’s mountainous regions? Visiting these forts is usually completely free. You are bound to come across many of the nation’s hidden ancient structures along the way when you are hiking in Israel’s wilderness. If you are going to go out into the mountains, then make sure that you have a map or a guide so that you don’t get lost.

Historical Attractions

You don’t have to take a tour to visit Israel’s historical sites, although it does help. If you do plan on checking out some of the nation’s religious and historical points of attraction, then try to do your research beforehand, only so you can meticulously plan out all of the places that you are going to be going. The only reason that you need to plan out where you will be going is that there are so many different places to go, it’s likely that you’ll leave important places out if you don’t carefully plan out your trip.


Tel Aviv is a city that’s often regarded to be one of Israel’s most exciting, mainly because of its vibrant nightlife and exciting party culture. Tel Aviv has myriad bars, clubs, and dancehalls for you to enjoy. If you are intending on visiting Israel with the sole intention of partying, then Tel Aviv is somewhere you’ll want to visit. As with everywhere, it’s good to do a little research before traveling, just so that you can be sure the kinds of parties you like to attend are available in the city. Other Israeli cities are also very lively, though none are quite like Tel Aviv. It’s important to bear in mind that Tel Aviv is the world’s most expensive city, meaning you won’t be able to stay and get around there cheaply.


Israeli food is arguably some of the world’s best. This is because it is a combination of the cuisines of all of the countries that make the country up (i.e., the foods of the nation’s residents). If you are going to Israel, then make sure that you get out and experience what it has to offer in terms of food. If you love food, then you can’t overlook Israeli food.

Israel is a very fun country to visit, but it is very big, which makes traveling there somewhat daunting. If you want to visit Israel but don’t know how to maximize the enjoyment that you derive from your time there, then this post’s guidance will most definitely come in handy.

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