Gaming Mouse vs Normal Mouse: Which is the Better Choice?

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You’re standing in the ‘peripherals’ aisle of an electronics store. In your right hand is a box containing a generic wired mouse, in your left hand is a fancier box containing a fancier gaming mouse. Which one should I buy? You think to yourself as you glance at the price tags on the back of the boxes. That is an excellent question indeed, and the rest of the article seeks to provide you with an answer, so let’s get into it. 

There are many good gaming mouse brands like Logitech. Logitech has some of the best gaming mice in the market. The best Logitech mouse is the Logitech Performance Plus. However, it also has a higher price tag.

A gaming mouse is an investment, that is to say, a gaming mouse will be more expensive than a generic mouse. However, there are also hardware and aesthetic differences to consider in addition to the price tag. Hardware differences such as higher DPI and Poll Rate; aesthetic differences such as extra buttons, ergonomics, and flashy lights. We’ll briefly describe each difference below.

Dots Per Inch (DPI):

DPI is a measure of mouse sensitivity. A high DPI means a small mouse move on the desk will translate into a large cursor move on-screen. A higher resolution screen requires a higher DPI because there are more ‘dots’ in a higher-res display. A quality gaming mouse will have a DPI toggle button for ultimate in-game control. 

For most games, a standard mouse, with a DPI of 1,000 will be perfectly fine. However, in games that require fast targeting such as First Person Shooters, a higher DPI is beneficial. The skill of the player is also an important factor to consider. While most players will barely notice the difference between a DPI of 1,000 And 3,000, and won’t benefit much, professional and advanced players will. In addition, professional players need a high DPI to compete at the highest level. 

Poll Rate:

Poll rate is the number of times your mouse ‘tells’ the computer where it is. A higher Poll Rate translates to better responsiveness. Again, the type of game you are playing and your overall skill level are the main factors to consider. If you spend the majority of your time playing non-FPS games, and you are not an advanced player, you may not need a high poll rate. 


Most likely the most beneficial feature of gaming mice is their ergonomic design. An ergonomic mouse is designed specifically to reduce wrist strain and to maximize hand comfort. Players of all levels will benefit. Some less beneficial features are LED lights and programmable buttons. The lights are solely for looking cool. The buttons can help in certain games, but again, it depends on the type of game and a player’s ability. Too many buttons are confusing and often unnecessary, as there are only so many in-game functions to program onto your mouse, even for top-tier players. 

To summarize, a gaming mouse will be more sensitive (higher DPI) and more responsive (higher Poll Rate) than a generic mouse. A gaming mouse will also be more comfortable (ergonomic design), have more programmable buttons, and be cooler looking (LED lights). While better sensitivity and responsiveness are helpful for advanced players playing FPS games, for the vast majority of players, playing the vast majority of games, they are trivial. However, all players will benefit from an ergonomic design. 

You’re back in the store holding the two mice in your hands. The more expensive, more comfortable gaming mouse is in your left hand, it has 6 programmable buttons. You turn the boxes over to compare the specs. The mouse in your left hand is more sensitive, more responsive. You flip them back over. In your right hand is a basic wired mouse, cheap and painted black. In your left hand is a gaming mouse with LED lights, rubber pads, and 6 programmable buttons. 

Which mouse will you choose?

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