How to Get More Out of Your IT Support?

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The digital transformation of the business done with the help of companies like Stormotion has become crucial in the modern world. Organizations are more reliant on digital spaces now. So, the IT support and IT desk service must run smoothly without glitches. 

What is IT Service Desk?

It service desk is the single point of contact between the service provider and users that demand IT service. Improving the IT service desk will automatically help users get more out of IT support. 

Improving IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk can be improved in several ways.

1. People are Primary:

The service desk managers spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on the latest technology and tools. But, the primary consideration for improving the IT Service Desk should be the people; users, and agents. Well-trained and motivated employees can provide better tech support than a non-living system. 

Invest in employee training and make sure that all employees are well-aware of common problems faced by users. So they can help them accordingly. Your team should have the right tools, right knowledge, and optimum skills to improve IT support. 

2. Measurable Goals:

Ambiguity has no place in IT support. While defining goals, make sure that they are clear and straightforward. The metrics should be measurable and should align with the overall goals and vision of the organization. For example, instead of measuring how many problems were resolved, focus on the time taken in resolving each problem or the number of problems resolved on the first contract (FCR). 

3. Collect Employee Feedback:

Collecting employee feedback is as important as collecting metrics. The feedback helps you in realizing the shortcoming in the IT service desks and how you can resolve the issues. 

The feedback gives an overall idea of the performance of each agent and the service desk as a whole. For example, if an agent is getting consistent negative feedback, he may need more training. The best way to collect feedback from the customer is immediately after a problem is resolved by an employee because it will be the most accurate feedback. 

4. Omnichannel Support:

Your IT Service Desk should have more channels of communication than just phone calls. Integrating omnichannel support can enhance the desk experience. 

Omnichannel is not about creating multiple ways of communication but bringing all the channels together seamlessly. For example, if a customer contacts through a live chat first and then through the phone, he should not have to explain his query again i-e the channels should be linked together. 

5. Automation:

The automation will not only decrease the employee burden but also enhance the overall productivity and customer experience. It will provide service consistency to ensure that the service does not deteriorate over time. Automation will provide clear documentation of service desk reviews and compliance. 

While starting automation, you should go slow. For example, in the beginning, just automate the ticket handling, and then over time, you can inculcate the whole ticket flow. It will ensure a smooth transfer to automation. 

Automation also helps your business in saving alit of resources and empowers employees to spend energy on more important tasks. 

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