How to Know Who is Calling you without having to Call Back?

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Has someone called you, but you don’t know the number? You probably think it won’t be a big deal, but you might be curious. Can you find out who is calling you without having to call back?

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More than 5.2 billion people worldwide use mobile phones, so that someone may have called you by mistake. The problem is when the calls happen frequently. Our advice is to stay safe from scams and protect your personal information; it’s safest to assume that calls from an unknown number are scams.

There are many other ways for someone to contact us instead of constantly calling from an unknown number. They could use text messagessocial media, or have a mutual acquaintance give you her number.

That being said, if you still want to know who is calling you, there are quite a few options to try and find out.

How to Know who is Calling?

1. Tracking Applications to Know who is Calling You

Numerous applications on the market serve as a parapet. The two best-known apps are probably Truecaller and Hiya, both free, which notify you who is on the other end of the line when you make a call. They work differently. In this way, we will also be able to find out about the annoying calls other users have received, preventing us from falling into their trap similarly.

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2. Google the Number

This is the traditional method, which still works well. A website identifying user complaints about telephone calls usually appears in the first search results.

3. Online Lists of Spam Numbers

You can search to see if the phone that has called us is registered or enter the number in the online search engine to see if the results give us a clear answer about the identity behind that phone.

4. Put away the Phone and Look at WhatsApp 

If they do not call from a mobile, we can save it in the agenda and open WhatsApp. There, thanks to the profile photo, we will be able to know who it is and decide if we want (or do not want) to return the call. We hope these ideas help you. However, you should know that many brands like Google, Xiaomi, Realme, and Samsung, among others, have the option of activating an anti-spam filter. This option is usually already included in your mobile.


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