Gateway for White Label Payments

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Do you dislike your present payment processing company? Are you sick and weary of hidden costs eating away at your profits while you don’t get the assistance and services you were promised? Or do you want a system that is more adaptable and scalable in order to provide your clients with the best payment processing services?

It makes perfect sense that you would want to operate your own payment gateway and provide your customers with straightforward, clear, and cheap payment processing through your own brand. An innovative solution that smoothly connects with your front-end software is all you need to start providing trustworthy payment services to your merchants.

White-label, omnichannel payment service from UniPay

With the gateway for white-label payments by UniPay, businesses may significantly decrease and simplify PCI compliance obligations. Our environment serves as the sole host for this payment method.

Companies that use this strategy will also have more control over transaction expenses. Therefore, it’s a wise decision for companies that desire greater control, reduced costs, and possibilities that aren’t offered by the Payments as a Service model.

With this strategy, organizations may process payments under their own brand while also providing payment services to portfolio companies, allowing them to monetize payments more effectively as part of their software offering platform.

Our white-label gateway enables companies to accept payments from clients on their websites by processing credit card payments in a number of different currencies. If you want to handle payments under your own name using a branded, personalized solution while avoiding expensive transaction costs, this is your best bet.

This UniPay approach is also appropriate for investment firms who wish to combine payment services for the companies in their portfolio.

The gateway for white-label payments by UniPay enables the following:

  • Offer your own branded payment services
  • Have a PayFac or platform-specific account manager assigned to you for assistance
  • Fees that are less than what the “payments as service” model would charge
  • Possess the capacity to include new acquirers and card brands
  • Make use of our development staff to create bespoke logic for your needs.
  • A large variety of EMV-certified terminal options (SoftPOS, Ingenico terminals, Sunmi, and android terminals, to name a few) and many more, including support for all card brands, Google Pay, Apple Pay, direct debit payments, and more.
  • The API is documented, and branded merchant statements are provided.

Who may make use of a white-label payment gateway?

White-label merchant processing services are unnecessary for a small online store’s owner. However, a white-label payment gateway may be the ideal choice for SaaS platforms, payment intermediaries, ISOs, independent software vendors, equity groups, and investment firms.

Advantages of the UniPay white-label payment gateway

The distinctive benefit of our solution is that it may be licensed in addition to being available as a hosted and white-label instance. You will never outgrow us, so pick whatever you want. You may begin with a white-label instance and always purchase your own license if you wish to construct your own instance later on. We will also assist you in moving all of your servers and data onto your own data centers.

If you need help with PCI compliance hosting or server maintenance, we can do that, too.

Making use of a white-label solution:

  • You can get another source of income.
  • You increase your competitiveness in your industry by providing your clients with payment processing services under your own brand.
  • By using our existing PCI and EMV accreditation, you simplify the burden of managing your payment solution.

Therefore, you may process support for tokenization, Payment Pages, Android terminals, SoftPOS solutions, remittance, chargebacks, and managing recurring billing for all credit card varieties with UniPay’s white-label offering.

What drawbacks come with utilizing a white-label solution?

The primary concept of white labeling is that the more merchants you service, the more payment transactions you process, and thus, the less you spend for payment processing. Before discussing the disadvantages of a white-label payment gateway, we should highlight this. Therefore, the white-label solution will be the most cost-effective for you if you deal with high payment volumes.

You don’t have adequate control over the process, which is one drawback of a white-label gateway that can be crucial for you. The gateway provider manages every aspect, such as PCI compliance, integrations, certifications, maintenance, etc.

Identifying a reliable white-label gateway service

The success of your brand may depend on your choice of payment gateway provider, so make sure to choose white-label solutions wisely.

Consider adopting UniPay Gateway’s white-label solution right away if you’re searching for a fresh method to advertise your company or enhance the payment experience for your merchants and want a reliable payment technology that gives you more control over onboarding, processing, and financing. We’d love to get to know you and show you how to make use of our platform.


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