How to Make an Afk Channel in Discord? [Latest Guide 2021]

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Discord is an excellent application designed and developed for gamers. With Discord, players can stay in touch with their teammates at all times through voice chat to communicate and coordinate. In addition, Discord also allows you to create your own servers and easily invite as many people as you want. It’s a great place to meet new people and communicate with them through voice and text chat.

However, as a server owner or administrator, you may have noticed that your server is unresponsive and slow when there are many people on the voice channel. Therefore, it is recommended to remove inactive users. But you don’t have to do this, instead you can move inactive users to the Discord afk channel where users will not be able to post on the server.

Today, in this article, you will learn how to create an AFK channel on Discord in a few simple steps. Let’s move on to the tutorial without wasting time.

What is the AFK channel on Discord?

In case you don’t know, the term “AFK” stands for “Away From Keyboard”, which means that the user has moved away from their computer or is not actively using the Discord application on their computer. This is essentially a state where the Discord user has moved away from their computer or laptop and does not go near it for a long period of time.

This may give the impression that your channel is active, but in reality users are no longer actively using Discord on their computer, just taking up space or playing sports in the channel. Fortunately, Discord has a feature that allows you to automatically move AFK users to the AFK channel. Let’s see how to create an AFK channel in Discord.

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How to create an Afk channel in Discord

Creating an AFK channel on Discord is a matter of minutes, but the process can be complicated if you are new to the Discord platform. If you can’t figure out the process, follow the steps in the guide below.

  1. First, open the Discord app on your smartphone or PC and log in to your server.
  2. Click on the (+) symbol to the right of the text “Voice channels” to create a new channel.
  3. On the next screen, select the channel type and change it to voice channel to continue.
  4. Enter “AFK” as the channel name and click on the “Create” option to create the channel.
  5. Check if the “AFK” channel is included in your server’s voice channel list.
  6. Now click on “Server Name” at the top of the interface and select “Server Configuration”.
  7. In the “Overview” section, scroll down a little and find the “AFK Channel” option to continue.
  8. Click on the AFK Channel option to open the drop-down menu and select your AFK channel.
  9. Now select the AFK time in the next option and click on the “Save changes” option.

The voice channel you have created will become an AFK channel. In the timeout parameter, you can choose any time limit. The AFK Timeout parameter simply indicates how long the Discord user must remain idle before being moved to the AFK channel on your server.

After saving changes. Discord automatically detects inactive users in their voice channels and moves them to the AFK channel, where users cannot chat or send text messages while in the AFK channel. You must manually exit the AFK channel to send text messages or voice chat on the server. Do you know- how to italicize in discord? You can know by searching it on Google

How can I convert an existing channel to an AFK channel?

As a server administrator, you can also convert an existing channel on your server into an AFK channel. That is, you do not need to create a new channel for this, you can simply select an existing channel and convert it into an AFK channel. To do this, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Discord application on your computer or smartphone to get started.
  2. Go to your server and click on “Server name” to open the context menu.
  3. Select “Server Configuration” from the menu and look for the “AFK” channel option in the “Overview” section.
  4. Click on the AFK Channel option and select an existing channel from the drop-down menu to continue.
  5. Now select the desired AFK timeout and click on the “Save Changes” option to complete the process.

That’s all. The channel you select in the preview tab will become an AFK channel in a matter of seconds. Here you can also change the AFK timeout, which determines how long the user must remain idle before being automatically moved to the AFK channel on your server.


Q:- What is the AFK channel on Discord?

A: – “AFK” stands for “Away From Keyboard”, which means that the user is away from their computer or is not actively using the Discord application on their computer.

Q:-How does Discord determine if a user is AFK?

A: – First check if you are registered as a caller on the voice channel. Then check how many minutes the AFK timer has on the server. After these two actions, you will be moved to the AFK channel.

Q:- How can I create an AFK channel in Discord?

A: – Just follow the above guidelines and you will surely create an AFK channel.

Last Words

Once you have created an AFK channel on your server, Discord will start moving inactive users to the AFK channel after a while. By following the above steps, you can create a fully functional AFK channel on almost any server, as long as you own or manage it. You can also test it yourself by remaining inactive for a while while you create the AFK channel.

In addition, it is also useful to have an AFK channel that users can join manually to avoid being distracted by notifications, etc. Now you don’t need to install AFK bots like before to create a working AFK channel on your Discord server. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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