A Step by Step Guide on How to Use the Vingo App?

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The latest development in the fitness world is the use of online running/cycling apps. These apps provide the outdoor feeling while you work out from the comfort of your home. The best among these apps is Vingo. It uses Virtual Reality to give you a realistic experience to take out the stress from your exercise.

For those of you who are new to this trend, here’s how the app works.

The App Comes only for iPhone Now

So far, the app was available for Windows OS only. This was done so to popularise its use in tablets and therefore a better experience for the users. However, recent updates have made it available for iOS. So, you can download the app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone, iPad, or even MacBook. In time, the app will also be available for Android devices. Since the large majority of the mobile devices use Android, we can soon expect a fully functional great app for the OS. 

Once you install it on your smart device, you only need to connect the device with your treadmill or exercise bike.

After Installation Connect with Treadmill

Connecting the app with your treadmill is easy too. Just turn on the Bluetooth in your phone/iPad and it will pair with your treadmill. Once connected the Vingo app will seamlessly connect with your devices from then on.

Also, the app is enabled with the latest ANT+ sensors. These sensors allow multiple devices to be connected to your smart device at the same time. This way you can connect your iPad with your Airpods and your treadmill at the same time.

The App Also Works Great with Indoor Cycle

As we mentioned before, the app can be used for indoor cycling as well. The connection procedure is the same as that of the treadmill.

The ANT+ sensors are useful for more than connecting the devices. These sensors accurately detect your movements on your treadmill/bike and use that data to adjust the sceneries on your screen. And, it also monitors your speed, pace, direction, etc, and gives the inputs to the app. You can see your movements being reflected on the screen, by your avatar.

As for the avatar, you can create your own digital self in the app, by uploading a selfie.

Create a User Account & Personalise

The app is now available in beta mode. In this mode, you can create your own free account and invite up to eight of your friends and family to join you. All of you can gain your own personal account in the app and enjoy all the premium features it offers.

Start Running or Cycling & Enjoy

Cycling and running got much easier with this new app and you don’t have to travel across the city anymore to get a good workout. Install the app now and start your journey into fitness through the virtual world. If you have any trouble using the run go app, you can always contact support.

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