The Ongoing Debate Over Adding Messaging to Instagram Threads

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Instagram Threads, the companion app to Instagram focused on close friends, has long faced requests from users to add direct messaging features. However, Instagram and Threads head Adam Mosseri has resisted fully embracing private messaging in Threads. In recent comments, Mosseri provided more context on his thinking and the dilemmas involved in potentially connecting Threads messaging to Instagram’s existing direct messaging system.

Why Mosseri is Reluctant to Build Standalone Messaging in Threads

Mosseri explained that his hesitation around building direct messaging features in Threads stems from his belief that utilizing Instagram’s existing messaging may be the right solution. Since Threads already leverages much of Instagram’s infrastructure and links user accounts, Mosseri believes Instagram’s inboxes could feasibly work within Threads as well. He hinted that enabling users to message Instagram contacts through Threads is the path forward he hopes to pursue.

Potential Benefits and Drawbacks of Integrated Messaging

Connecting thread messaging to Instagram inboxes could allow for simplified cross-platform communication. Users could seamlessly message Instagram contacts without switching apps. Behind the scenes, Meta would largely be connecting existing messaging infrastructure rather than building separate, redundant systems.

However, potential downsides Mosseri highlighted include notification and control challenges. With one inbox spanning multiple apps, handling notifications could get messy. Also, matching filters and settings across apps may prove complicated. Furthermore, integrating messaging deeply with Instagram could conflict with Threads’ future support for open protocols like ActivityPub. In addition, you can also read an article on- Threads: Everything You Need to Know

The Uncertain Path Forward for Thread Messaging

Mosseri admitted Meta has not yet determined the ideal approach for thread messaging. If linking to Instagram inboxes proves unworkable, he said they may either mirror those inboxes imperfectly or build a completely separate Threads inbox after all. However, Mosseri seems intent on avoiding redundant messaging systems if possible.

While details remain uncertain, Mosseri implied some form of messaging is likely coming to Threads. But major questions around implementation and integration with Instagram or open protocols remain unsettled for now. As Meta weighs consumer demand against product coherence, Threads’ messaging strategy continues to evolve.

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