IT Outstaffing Services in Ukraine: What Are The Benefits?

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Recent trends show that for many companies that want to order IT outstaffing services, geographic proximity, cost, and language skills are the determining factors in choosing an outstaffing company. In such conditions, Eastern Europe (and Ukraine in particular) is becoming an attractive destination for ordering IT outstaffing services among Western European countries. Ukraine demonstrates a fast growth rate in the IT market, offers low prices, and has a favorable location in relation to many European countries (Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, etc.).

What is IT Outstaffing?

IT outstaffing means hiring remote developers from other firms to work on the project under your control. 

For example, a company wishes to focus on its core business and not be distracted by various HR problems. It concludes a contract with an intermediary organization (IT staff provider) that provides it with staff. IT staff provider is legally their employer and decides all matters related to recruitment, salary, and registration of subordinates. It also keeps all the documentation (accounting and personnel records) while developers work under your control.

Benefits of Choosing Ukrainian Companies for IT Outstaffing

The best countries to order IT outstaffing services are Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria. Here we want to discuss the benefits of Ukrainian dedicated developers.

Cultural Proximity

The greatest advantage is the similarity of cultural values. This allows the customer and the outstaffing developers to work in an atmosphere of full understanding of the requirements for the product being created. Thus, the possibility of disagreements in the cooperation process is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the time to market for the product is significantly reduced, as the development process is optimized and error correction does not take much time.

Treasure Trove of Trustworthy Technicians

Ukrainian IT outstaffing developers are among the best IT specialists in the world. They are people who have brilliant knowledge of IT technologies, excellent knowledge of English, and higher technical education.

Ukrainian IT outstaffing developers participate in math Olympiads and various hackathons, and more often than not, they are recognized as some of the best. Ukraine is one of the regions of the world that have significant potential in the field of information technology. Ukraine is among the top five most attractive outsourcing countries in Eastern Europe.

Real-Time Cooperation

Time is one of the most valuable resources. Ukrainian IT outstaffing developers are a great way to save it because they are close to the customer and the work schedules match perfectly. You don’t have to deal with staff recruiting and paperwork, administrative and legal issues yourself. The IT outstaffing company will take care of all this, and you can focus on the main goals of your project.

If you are in the UK, Germany, or any other Western European country, consider IT outstaffing companies from Ukraine for MVP development. There is virtually no difference in time zones. So it’s not hard to choose the right time to discuss work issues via Skype.

Low Prices

Ukrainian companies offer their IT outstaffing services at lower prices compared to other Eastern European countries. The average salary of programmers, as a rule, is lower than in Poland or Bulgaria. Therefore, many customers try to find an opportunity to cooperate with Ukrainian IT outstaffing developers.

Data Security

All countries in Eastern Europe have the same data protection laws as in Western Europe. So you can be sure that your customer data, invoices, and other sensitive information are protected. At the same time, ordering IT outstaffing services from India or the Philippines does not guarantee the security of your data and may require additional costs.

Voypost – IT Outstaffing Services Provider from Ukraine

Voypost is a Ukrainian team of developers founded by Nikita Sviridenko – an IT solution architect with a 13-year background in software development. We specialize in 

UX/UI design, web development, mobile apps, browser extensions, desktop apps, DevOps, Solution Architecture, Full-Stack development, and MVP development. By ordering IT outstaffing services from Voypost, you easily get a team of competent developers to build, enhance, and maintain a product sticking to your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss our outstaffing services for your company. 

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