Microsoft Invests Billions in OpenAI

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On Monday, Microsoft made the announcement that it had extended its Partnership with OpenAI, the startup company that was previously responsible for ChatGPT and Dall-E. It was said in a blog post that this signals the beginning of the third phase of an investment that would take place over a number of years and multiple billions of dollars.

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According to a statement made by Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, “In this next chapter of our cooperation, developers and businesses across industries will have access to the greatest AI infrastructure, models, and toolchain with Azure to build and run their apps.”

In order to better assist the research being done by OpenAI, Microsoft has announced that it will raise the amount of money it invests in the creation and distribution of supercomputers. Additionally, Microsoft announced that it will integrate OpenAI’s models into both its consumer and enterprise products.

According to Microsoft, OpenAI’s chief executive officer, Sam Altman, was quoted as saying that the company was “eager to continue our independent research and work toward creating powerful AI that helps everyone.”

In a separate blog post published on Monday, OpenAI stated that despite this investment, the business will continue to operate under a profit cap. According to a statement published by OpenAI, receiving funding from Microsoft “will enable us to continue our independent research and develop AI that is increasingly safe, helpful, and powerful.”

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When OpenAI decided to conduct its research on artificial intelligence using Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing platform in 2016, this marked the beginning of a working relationship between OpenAI and Microsoft. After that, in 2019, Microsoft made an investment of one billion dollars in OpenAI with the intention of collaboratively developing new supercomputing technology.

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