Examples of What a Laser Engraving Machine Can Create

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Laser technology has been present in a wide range of industries since the end of the last century. The concept of creating a laser machine was first discussed by the great scientist Albert Einstein who published his theory in a paper entitled On the Quantum Theory of Radiation in 1917. However, it was not until the 1960s that laser devices were first produced for commercial purposes. Today in 2023, laser devices can undertake tasks from corrective eye surgery to produce intricate and complex designs for many types of products. 

With such varied use, this article will keep it simple and only focus on laser engraving machines that work by directing a laser beam on specific materials. The beam acts like a chisel and vaporizes the material’s surface to leave a permanent mark. Laser engravers can work to extremely high levels of accuracy and consistency and have become vitally important across many types of business. This article will explore three examples of what a laser engraving machine can create.

Mobile Phone Cases

It is estimated that 6.92 billion people own and use a smartphone, which equates to over 86% of the world’s population. As many as 96% of the UK have a smartphone. Many consumers will want to protect their phones to minimize repairs if they accidentally drop their phone or break it in another way. Enter mobile phone case. 

Across the globe, many mobile phone accessory providers will manufacture such products to serve the market’s needs. Laser Engraving Silicone Phone Cases use the latest engraving technology available at www.lotuslaser.com/machines/laser-engraving-machines/ to provide customers with premium quality products. The laser engraving machines can make precise and intricate designs with absolute consistency. They are the ideal equipment for such products as the machines can work with a wide range of plastics, silicone, and metals and produce uniform results. This technology also allows specific customizations of the casing to suit customers who require a bespoke case.

Custom Rings

The jewelry industry has been an early adopter of laser engraving machines because their products require small etchings, engravings, and design features to be incorporated with absolute accuracy. Many customers will ask for special rings, often for engagements or weddings, to have personalized inscriptions or design features. Common engravements include: 

  • A wedding, engagement, or another special date 
  • Words like “Forever mine” and “I love you” 
  • Initials 
  • Song lyrics 
  • Proposal or wedding venue location 

Decades ago, this work would have been done by human hand, and it was accepted that there would not be absolute consistency or accuracy in the final products. With the widespread adoption of laser engraving machines, designs can be uploaded to CAD software, providing instructions for the engraving machine to follow. The laser engraving machine will then replicate these designs, inscriptions, and features with complete accuracy.


Laser engraving technology can also create signage for businesses. A company will have its own branding and logos across various media digitally, but it is important they don’t forget about physical branding too. For instance, signage to identify their premises is vital. Thanks to laser engravers, businesses can have their logos and branding exactly as they designed them, no matter how complex the design is. Laser engravers can perform this function exceptionally well, and the equipment can achieve truly professional-looking results by etching into the material at a consistent depth across the design area. The ability of laser engraving machines to work on multiple media types also allows them to be ideally suited for creating corporate banners and other promotional materials.


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