What is Local Presence Dialling, and how does it work?

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The theory is straightforward: a local number on caller ID equates to confidence and reliability, which then leads to higher consumer pickup rates.

The number used to make the call will be visible in the top right corner of your dialler when you activate Local Presence.

Local presence dialling displays actual local phone numbers and intelligently sends call backs to the correct agent.    

Problems that firms encounter when they do not have a local presence

When you do not employ local presence dialing, your calls are more likely to go unanswered.

People are more inclined to respond to a call that comes from their neighborhood. As a result, many businesses are seeing a large drop in sales traffic because of their calls not being answered.

This problem has a simple solution, and we at Intouch have it for you, so you can improve your connections in no time.

Our Approach

We have a connection+ solution that we offer here at Intouch Communications. This allows you to call anywhere while keeping the destination number local. When caller ID displays a familiar area code, people are more likely to pick up the phone, which increases sales.

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