Here’s How You Should Improve Your Online Gaming Experience

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While many people still picture gamers in a way that looks like the South Park gamer guy meme, the reality is usually pretty different. Usually because, well, some people really do have a cluttered gaming space with energy drinks and Funko figurines strewn everywhere.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It doesn’t have to be an all-out RBG rainbow explosion either. Having a better online (and overall) gaming experience comes down to using innovative tools and creating a fun space. Everyone’s idea of a “fun space” doesn’t necessarily look the same, but there are some universal ways to improve it.

Need some help figuring this out? Have a look at these 6 suggestions for creating a better online gaming experience.

1. It Might Be Time for a New ISP

Experiencing regular downtime, connection issues, or getting constantly throttled? Internet service providers weren’t all borne from the same forge. Some are like super rare purple-level gear (well, maybe blue at least). Some should be stored in the junk tab. And some ISPs were great at level one, but it’s time for an upgrade.

So shop around a bit, read some reviews, and troll the forums to see what other options are out there. Many ISPs offer great sign-up packages that include a new router and other extras for free.

2. Apply the Mute Option Liberally

Most online games (and chat tools like Discord) have a mute function these days. Don’t be afraid to mute someone, or even everyone, for some nice peace and quiet. No one wants to hear some random blaring their tunes or a mouthbreather eating their mic for the whole game.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in arguments too, but many people agree that it’s best to just not engage. Online trolls and angry 12-year-olds probably aren’t going away any time soon, so avoidance is unfortunately about the best tactic there is.

3. Bet on a VPN

Didn’t think a VPN would pop up on this list? Just because they have a stigma for slowing down internet connections doesn’t mean a VPN isn’t useful for online gaming. Quite the opposite, in fact. Using a VPN for PC or consoles while gaming online can help in two major ways.

The first is that it can actually help with ping. Some games or DNS servers route connections strangely, meaning the data has to travel farther. With a VPN, that problem is sorted because someone can choose a more direct route. The other way a VPN can help is by preventing ISP tracking, which has become a major problem and leads to issues like stalking and swatting.

4. Sweep Away the Clutter

It’s nice to have some lifelike figurines and nostalgic memorabilia from awesome games strewn about. But they don’t have to clutter the table along with heaps of wires and old candy wrappers.

Having a clean, decluttered area to play in will make the whole experience ten times better. Plus, having more space to move around will ensure nothing gets in the way of beating everyone in team deathmatch. Get some shelves instead, or find a bookcase to proudly display figurines and leave the desk open for gaming.

5. Add Some Green Teammates

Green teammates? Plants, of course! These little critters won’t only brighten up a space, they can also help people feel better mentally and physically – and that’s backed by science. Plants are that often elusive healer main every team needs.

6. Put Comfort First

As much time as some people spend in front of the screen, it would make sense that they’ve invested in good gear, right? But somehow, people still don’t prioritize their posture. There’s no need to buy lots of expensive new equipment, but investing in a proper table and gaming chair really is necessary.

Back problems are no joke! So get some comfortable new furniture to deck out the gaming room/area. As Marie Kondo would say, this sparks joy.

Final Thoughts

There are many small ways to improve an online gaming experience, but these 5 suggestions can make a massive difference. Not everyone will be able to upgrade their chair or put some shelves up right away. But even changing ISP or adopting a new approach to online trolls can make the whole experience that much better.

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