What is PicsArt App?

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PicsArt is a video and photo editing platform with many professional tools. Many individuals from around the globe are turning to use the PicsArt App for excellent editing services.

PicsArt is easy to use on your smartphone. It has to offer 50+ tools and allows all newbies to enjoy the fun of editing with the ease of just a click. It has one billion-plus and shows support for all Android, iOS, and Windows devices. PicsArt allows you to express yourself freely. If you would like to get its premium gold version for free you can download the Picsart MOD Apk to enjoy its paid version.

Features of Picsart Video Editor:

  • PicsArt Animator

Animation is a game of frames. Suppose you are going to try it for the first time. In that case, I suggest you do it on PicsArt because it requires absolutely no animation experience and is easy to use.

  • Make your meme and stickers

If you are running a social media meme page, then here is PicsArt to give a kick start to your career. The artistic community at this app offers some awesome and premium quality stickers, so you can add stickers to your photos and videos to make them look stunning.

  • Trending Effects

Let the magic happen with the PicsArt app because you will get a lot of glittery effects here. Make your photos more beautiful and flawless, as it will only take a few seconds to transform them into elegance.

  • Stylish Fonts

Lock your memories on either images or videos with stylish fonts. Now don’t mind speaking your mind by using a great font collection within the text editor app.

  • Experience all the Professional Tools

Put colors, change the backgrounds, remove all the stains or crop the person photobombing your photo with the PicsArt app. Bring your creativity game to the next level. Now make unlimited collages and edit a lot of videos and pictures with the PicsArt app.

  • Add Music

Sometimes it feels unpleasant to shoot a video in a crowd because it will be noisy. PicsArt is here for your rescue. Now you can add any music of any artist worldwide and make your video even more pleasing.

  • Remix Photos

Remixing photos allows you to communicate with other people using the PicsArt app. You can use their socially shared pictures from the PicsArt community, edit them, and transform them into another quality by-product.

You can also share your photos by using #freeedit in the PicsArt community.

  • Pretty Selfie Snaps

Now is the world of selfies. This editing app offers to remove any acne scars, wrinkles, blemishes, and dirt from your face making it even more beautiful. You can also capture your moments with the PicsArt snap camera.

  • Brushes for a better experience

If you are good at using paintbrushes, I am sure you will love this feature of PicsArt. Now you can use brushes of every size to bring creativity to your editing.


Editing is made even more accessible with editing platforms. The PicsArt App holds a solid position in the editing world. PicsArt offers many incredible things, so get ready to dive in to have the best editing experience. You may also visit Apk Leopard for the latest Modded apps and games for FREE!

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