How to Save or Download Instagram Videos in 2023?

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Social Media, photos, and videos have become the new contact point of all the useful knowledge, hacks, and facts.

The new normal made us involved with it more than ever.

In such a case you must have surely come across an Instagram video that you would want to download to your device for a quick reference later.

This blog is just the right destination for you,

keep scrolling.

So there is a wide array of options available today for downloading your favorite videos.Some of them are listed below-:

Without any app

First, you will have to copy the link to the required video.

  • Navigate to the video that you intend to save in your phone’s storage.
  • Now click on the three dots on the top right corner of the video.
  • Scroll to ‘Copy link’ and now tap it.
  • Launch Chrome and search SaveInsta and click on this website.
  • You will be transported to a page with a box with heading Instagram Video or Image Link.
  • Navigate to this bar and paste the copied link.
  • Hit Download Now
  • You will now find the image of your required video. Tap on this Image.

This will start the download of your video and it will be saved in your phone’s storage.

There are several other websites similar to SaveInsta that can also be of help.

Some of them include Picuki,, Instaspy.Pro, and Instaoffline.Net.

These are equally popular and have an almost similar user interface.

 Through Applications-:

Another method to quickly add Instagram videos of your liking to your gallery is through downloading certain applications on your device.

This method is slowly becoming less popular among downloaders due to the extra space that these apps occupy within the phones storage.

The presence of the above-mentioned websites and the growing awareness about these have also contributed towards the declining preference for applications as a download medium for Instagram videos and images.

If you are looking for a method that remains permanently in your phone then this is your way.

Here is a guide to download Instagram videos through an application on your phone. We will also provide you a list of such apps to choose from-:

  • Launch your app store
  • Search Video downloader for Facebook.
  • Now navigate to the video that you want to download and tap on the three dots at the top right corner and hit share to.
  • A new pop-up will show you the application you just downloaded. Now tap on this option.
  • The video will now be downloaded.

There are many other such applications that you can explore for this purpose like InsTake Downloader, Reposter iTubeGo, and Inflict.

So keep exploring the content and we will come up with the answers you need.


It is hereby brought to your knowledge that downloading somebody’s posts from Instagram without their permission is an offense and an infringement of copyright.

We don’t recommend nor encourage the same and strongly stand with the exclusive rights of the creator on their content.

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