New Netflix Skull Island Anime Series [You Must Watch]

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Skull Island, popularly known as Kong, has announced that the first episode of its animated series will be available on Netflix. Initially, the title matched the version of a 2017 film of the same name that was released. This film blended action, fantasy, and monster adventures to tell the narrative of a group of scientists who journey to an unknown island to meet a big gorilla named Kong, who transforms everyone’s life.

Powerhouse Animation Studios is now creating a cartoon version of this story for Netflix. The animation will be done by a company based in the United States that has worked on projects such as Sonic, Castlevania, Blood of Zeus, and many others. He has a distinct style in his work, which is seen in La Isla Calavera by his use of dark hues, realistic facial emotions, and rapid body movements. If you want to discover more about this new Netflix show, we’ll tell you what we know thus far.

What is the Skull Island legend?

Skull Island, like the 2017 film, is about a group of scientists who wound up on the renowned Skull Island and must confront each other there. In this situation, they ended themselves there due to their own blunders and the way nature functioned. Facing the hazards of nature and to those who have previously been lost on this island and desire to battle in a power struggle more than once in a dangerous environment where everyone will have to fend for themselves. One of the issues they must cope with is the large gorilla Kong, who will be the major antagonist in this series.

For the time being, the show will only have one season, but if it goes well, future seasons may be produced. But for the time being, one season will enough.

Skull Island Crew

Brian Duffield created the new series, and he will also direct it this time. He has also produced the controversial but popular Cocaine Bear, written the story for the film Love and Monsters, and directed the horror film The Babysitter. With this series, he is resuming his directing career. It has its own tale and style of telling it, but it remains a part of the Godzilla vs. Kong universe.

Where to see Skull Island? 

Skull Island will be available on Netflix, which also produced it.

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When will Skull Island be released?

The first episode of Skull Island will be available exclusively on Netflix on June 22.

Skull Island Poster

The episode’s billboard artwork displays not only Kong, but also a plethora of other massive creatures that the squad will have to deal with. Everyone’s beloved skull crawler is present, as are massive lizards, birds, crabs, and what appears to be a charming dog of some kind. Unclear. In any event, we can’t wait to return to Skull Island and see what Kong and his friends are up to next.

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Trailer of Skull Island

The 2017 film Kong: Skull Island introduced viewers to Skull Island for the first time. In a mysterious jungle environment, the weird realm introduced us to a variety of monstrosities. Dangers? Clearly, there were dangers! There was also the enormous titan Kong, who guarded his kingdom and, eventually, the humans who arrived. Viewers will return to the country that time forgot in the new Netflix animated series Skull Island, developed by Powerhouse Animation, the makers of Castlevania. Take a look at the first trailer.

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