Tesla is Delivering More Cars than Ever

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Tesla delivered a record number of automobiles in the first quarter of 2022, outnumbering the same period the previous year by a factor of ten.

This quarter, the electric manufacturer shipped 310,048 vehicles while producing 305,407. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles accounted for 95% of all deliveries.

Tesla shipped 184,800 automobiles and produced 180,338 in the first quarter of 2021.

That’s the most automobiles the company has ever shipped in a quarter, outnumbering its Q4 2021 results by a few thousand vehicles. Nonetheless, when compared to analyst expectations, Tesla’s Q1 2022 results are mixed.

The business built 4,641 fewer cars in the quarter than it delivered, citing “ongoing supply chain problems and manufacturing shutdowns,” according to CNBC. Analysts projected 317,000 vehicles to be delivered in the quarter. Despite smashing the previous record, there were a few minor setbacks.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, on the other hand, was not dissatisfied. On Twitter, he replied to a congratulatory remark about the deliveries.

Musk remarked on Twitter, “This was an *exceptionally* challenging quarter due to supply chain issues & China’s 0% Covid policy.” “The Tesla team and key suppliers rescued the day with their outstanding effort.”

The increased manufacturing corresponds to Musk’s long-term vision for Tesla. Musk has stated that the company’s next phase will include “scaling to an extraordinary size.” Selling and shipping a large number of cars undoubtedly helps toward that aim, and Tesla set a new milestone last year by delivering almost a million cars in 2021, well-exceeding expert estimates.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Tesla’s $5.5 billion German gigafactory has officially launched, with the company planning to build 500,000 electric vehicles per year there alone.

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