Tour in Bonito -MS – Brazil: Floating in the Blue Spring

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Have you ever heard about the Blue Spring Float? That’s where the passeio de flutuação em bonito, I will tell you the details of the fluctuation in the blue spring that is located in Bonito MS, those who know Bonito MS know that there are several beaches, waterfalls, natural pools, and most of these places, depending on the time of year, the waters are totally crystal clear.

It is an ideal place for a family vacation, a couple of outings, and even a trip with friends. Bonito MS is an ideal place as the floating in the blue spring that is located there, now let’s get to the details.

The Fluctuation in Nascente Azul is located in the Nascente Azul park, this park being one of the most complete in Bonito MS, it has several activities to make your time there more enjoyable.

You will also be dazzled by the beautiful blue spring, there are a 7m deep crevice where the river rises.

You’ll also find plenty of shade and cool water if you’re looking to rest.

If you want a ride full of adventure, you will also find Aqualokko for fun, which is nothing more than a multi-adventure circuit with suspension bridges and an incredible zipline over the water.

Tours in Bonito: Nascente Azul

There is a geological rift between the rocks with a depth of 7 meters, where the blue spring sprouts, in which the name was also used to give the park’s name. It is from this crevice that a river is formed that dazzles the eyes, its waters are crystal clear and that is where the fluctuation takes place.

This river also supplies the lakes that exist there and the incredible spa. All these wonders are located about 34km from the center of Bonito MS.


There you will find activities such as floating, scuba diving, zip line, pendulum, and of course, there is the incredible spa.

Flutuacao Rio da Prata
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Fluctuation in the Blue Spring

Considered the best part of doing this tour there, the blue spring float is the most beautiful float in Bonito MS, and the blue spring is highlighted. The fluctuation is shorter when compared to the Rio da Prata and Rio Sucuri fluctuations. What stands out is that it is possible to snorkel.

1st Track and equipment

In order to be able to float, there must be a maximum of 10 people, and they will always be accompanied by a guide.

First, they will give you some explanations about how the tour will be carried out, then you will go to a trail that is accessible to everyone, during the trial you will have the privilege of coming across a waterfall of limestone tufas, which with the course of the fall forms several pools of different levels. During the walk you will reach the highest part of the park, which is where the equipment is located, there you will find the neoprene clothes, Crossfit shoes, pape, life jacket, and snorkel mask and don´t worry about storing your personal things, because there you will have lockers to store all your belongings.

Now with everyone equipped, you will return to the trail that is made through the forest, there if you are lucky, you will be able to find animals, such as several species of birds and monkeys, and ending the trail you will be able to see the crystal clear waters, which is where the fluctuation.

2nd Apnea in the Blue Spring for Floating

It’s almost time to float. Once you’re on the deck, you’ll put on your snorkel mask and finally have your first contact with the water, and a little flotation training will take place.

If you want to snorkel to the crevice of the spring, you will have a rope that will help and make the way to it easier, but if you don’t want to use the rope, rest assured that only with the vest you can go, because it pulls you to the surface.

3rd Float Ride

Floating starts in a stretch of the river, the waters are very calm and there is practically no current, and if you want to see the shoals of fish, they are concentrated near the vegetation on the banks of the river, the flotation ends in a deck where there will be a truck that will take people to the baggage area, where you will take the equipment

To Participate, you must be at least 4 years old, wearing shoes and a bathing suit, so now just enjoy.

Scuba diving tour at Nascente Azul

The dive is carried out in the blue spring, its lake is about 5 meters deep, it is a lake with flowing water

1° You will equip yourself with clothes and shoes for diving and there you will find lockers to keep your things stored and safe. Afterward, you go to a deck where you will put on the vest and cylinders, mask, and fins, you will receive training from the instructor, who will teach you how to breathe with diving equipment and other important information.

2° It’s time to dive, your instructor will always be preparing you for the dive, there will be a rope to guide the path that will be predefined, during the way the instructor will accompany you, so don’t worry!

During the route there will be stops where you can take pictures, the route is circular and takes around 30 to 40 minutes. The minimum age is 10 to participate.

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