7 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

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With more and more people using Twitter to utilize the platform for marketing purposes, its audience base is growing. To increase engagement on Twitter is the main goal of most brands. There are several paths that you can take to attain this. To buy Twitter followers is not the only route that you can use, here are 7 ways to get more Twitter followers. 

1. Make use of the video format 

Did you know you can record, edit, and post videos directly to your Twitter profile using the Twitter mobile app? The videos you post on Twitter may be up to 30 seconds long, and like Facebook, films submitted to Twitter play immediately in users’ timelines. Although it is assumed that when you use Twitter text format will be your primary mode of communication, To increase engagement on Twitter you can respond to tweets through videos on occasion. These can be in events such as when answering a question. Responding to tweets using video, such as answering a question in a Twitter chat, is a fun and engaging way. The best part is it allows your supporters to meet the people behind your business on Twitter. It shows your audience the person behind the screen and adds a human touch. 

2. Try out Periscope 

Another method to approach the Twitter video format for business is to use Periscope for video responses. You have to simply download Periscope, which is Twitter’s official live broadcasting tool. This will help you approach your Twitter audience with an even more dynamic method to connect with your Twitter followers. After downloading the app, you’ll be able to broadcast live with your followers. The setup is as simple as just one swipe. Go live to talk to your audience in real-time. You can do so much new stuff with this feature! You can show your audience the behind-the-scenes, answer questions, promote the debut of a product, or whatever you choose! To build an audience you can promote your broadcast ahead of time — on Twitter and other social media platforms. This is so that you can attract as many people as possible. Use Twitter analytics to determine when your audience is most likely to be online. After doing so, schedule your broadcast for when they will be available to watch!

3. Twitter-specific codes and real-time offers

Many consumers follow your businesses on Twitter. Why not give them special offers and discounts, This will drive up and increase engagement on Twitter. To enhance your brand’s image, provide unique promotions, exclusive discounts, and free samples to your Twitter followers. You can also create an eye-catching graphic to make the offer stand out. Don’t forget to share it several times to ensure it gets noticed. You can also track sales and conversions done only through Twitter. You can do this by sending out a tracking number to your followers and make sure to request it throughout the transaction. Asking people to message or Tweet you in order to receive special offers is a great tactic for businesses. This will help to interact and develop relationships with their consumers. But when you do so, just make sure you have the resources to handle all of the messages you anticipate receiving!

4. Accept orders through Twitter

A Twitter account can be used for more than just tweeting. You can use Twitter to take orders or even reservations. If you want to try it but do not want to clog up your primary profile, simply create a second Twitter account and use it only for taking orders.

5. Organize Twitter conversations to increase engagement and authority

Make use of Twitter chats to start conversations about your product and brand. These are live, organized conversations between Twitter users. This is an excellent method to connect with and strengthen relationships with your audience. The conversation will also attract new followers. This is a practice that has been followed by many businesses. They organize weekly Twitter chats to establish authority in their industry. This helps not just to advertise their products and services but also to expand their reach. However, before you join in and start your own conversations, it’s best to conduct research. Participate and observe in current conversations similar to yours to acquaint yourself with the format. 

6. To separate messages and arrange prospects, create Twitter Lists

Not many people make the most of this, making Lists are one of the most underutilized features of Twitter. The use of lists is the best for users to clear their Twitter.  They enable you to conveniently organize and examine the most interesting information from the people you follow. They also operate as a networking tool by allowing you to communicate and engage with the people you add to lists.

7. Buy Twitter followers

Contrary to popular belief, buying followers will not get your account suspended. You can certainly buy Twitter followers and likes. This is best when you use a reliable site to buy Twitter followers. Using an authentic site will ensure that you’ll get only high-quality followers who will help you grow your following enormously.

Although social media marketing is a rapidly evolving field, there are a few key components that may help you build a solid foundation for your social media endeavors. Make sure to use these timeless tips to maximize your reach!

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