What are Different Types of Virtual Events?

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Since businesses and associations continue to fight the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, they should find new ways to thrive as well as succeed through innovative and successful event execution. There is no doubt that technology plays a critical role that points the way forward for them to go on hosting events on the web once physical events are on hold. In the present time, many organizations have switched to virtual events as they have massive potential for growth in audience engagement as well as offer a better level of flexibility.

In this post, you are going to get across some of the most effective and popular types of virtual events.  Once you know the different types of events in the virtual arena, you can decide the best one for your organization.

Virtual conferences

A virtual conference allows members to access live onsite meetings and even events remotely right from their computers. In this sort of virtual event, all keynotes, breakout sessions, and even overall networking events get hosted wholly over the Internet.

Expect to do the extensive type of coordination in this kind of virtual event. And in case you want to organize one, you must invite different speakers, set up diverse sessions, and boost the overall communication among members. One of the many perks of hosting a virtual conference is that attendees can easily access it on any sort of device from anywhere. Similarly, not to miss that it lets you reach a huger audience. It is more attractive to participants as it will not require them to make time for travel and even spend cash on accommodation.

Virtual Exhibitions

Since the aim of most businesses is to simply boost reach and in turn, enhance the overall profit, Virtual Exhibitions offer the ideal platform for organizations to present their products to a wide, international audience without exceeding the budget. Powered by a dynamic type of 3D environment, with stalls and even booths, attendees can get engaged and informed about services via live chat tools, facilitating instant as well as relevant production of leads.


A webinar is an event, training session, workshop, or seminar in the shape of a video. In this format, speakers even present and discuss a topic by making use of web pages, PowerPoint presentations, or even other types of multimedia content online. Most of the webinars are interactive with the audience who deposit questions, respond to polls, and even speak with each other.

There are two kinds of webinars: live as well as on-demand. A live webinar is once you host and present content to a live audience via a digital web event in real time. This technique is advisable in case you want to boost engagement as well as interaction among multiple attendees all at once.

It is even a good option in case you have presenters from diverse locations or want attendees to participate and even interact with speakers live. On the other hand, an on-demand type of webinar is once you manage a live webinar event recording that is available for people to watch. Though it makes use of software to record, attendees may still have similar experiences they experience from live webinars.

You can always fascinate more people to sign up for your event with an on-demand type of webinar. It gets you more opportunities to endorse the event after the live date and produce more leads. Make it a point to record a live event that can get access to other members. This is crucial especially when they simply missed attending but are eager to spend money to watch the on-demand type of webinar.

Virtual Fairs

You can always keep your customers as well as consumers engaged with your proper services, even from home. With Virtual Fairs, businesses or companies can easily exhibit their products, from a virtual stall to even a virtual audience. Exhibitors can exchange overall information and conversations on chatbots, introduce new types of services, and even make real-time sort of sales to a huger audience, via e-commerce platforms, boosting avenues for revenue generation.

Virtual networking events

Virtual networking is the procedure of building, maintaining, and even strengthening professional connections online. Active professional networking must be at the core of your overall career as it allows you to raise your profile, get fresh ideas, produce massive leads, have access to diverse types of job opportunities, and gain a dissimilar perspective in the industry. Remember, in comparison to traditional networking, you have to make use of digital tools to develop meaningful relationships with this kind. After all, networking is an important ingredient of the contemporary age and once you organize networking events on the web, you can be sure you are making the best moves for your growth.


So, since you now have a quick idea about different types of events that you can organize or run virtually; try them. You can find them really effective and productive for your overall growth.

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