Best Apple Watches for Ladies to Buy in 2023

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What is the Best Apple Watch for girls? Today we are figuring this out for you. Firstly, make your mind on what do you prioritize- fashion, connectivity, fitness, or health?

Are you bored of the same Apple bands? Then you can check Apple Watch Straps 44mm on Apple websites or third-party sites? Well, you get many options on the websites. You should know that Apple watches work with only Apple bands, so you need to buy authentic straps for connectivity.

The Apple Watch has a great watch collection for ladies. However, the ads focus on Men Apple Watch more. Here we bring you the Latest Apple Watch for Girls. Let us scroll:

Most Popular Apple Watch Colors Amongst Girls:

There is nothing chicer than an Apple watch. It’s more than just a watch. It represents emotion, class, style, and status. The device measures heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and downtime using a hard rectangular casing. Apple is just a dream for many!

The Apple Watch comes in many color options. The Apple Series 6 is the most colorful series of all time. Here are the favorite colors picked by girls: pink, red, white, gold, blue, space black, tan, and titanium.

Well, colors depend on personal preferences. It is hard to say as this depends on seasons and occasions. Apple Watch owners like to keep changing styles by changing band colors for a perfect fit. The Apple watch is luxurious, durable, comfortable, and stylish when paired with the right case and embossed band.

Best Apple Watches to Buy in India 2023:

  1. Best Apple Watch for Women: Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS
  2. Best Value Watch: Apple Watch SE + Cellular
  3. Best Watch For Fitness Freaks: Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular
  4. Best Status Icon Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 7 Hermes
  5. Classy Chic Watch: Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Edition
  6. Excellent Apple Watch Pick: Apple Watch Series 6
  7. Budget Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 3 (Many colors options)

Best Apple Watch for Women: Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS

Similar to the Apple Watch Series 6, the Series 7 has an altimeter and blood oxygen monitor. It also features a brighter display. Aluminum is the best all-around model in terms of price and style. They come in many colors, and you can pick them as per your taste.


  • Big display
  • Fast processor
  • Fall detection
  • Heart sensor
  • SpO2- Blood oxygen monitor
  • Always-on altimeter
  • ECG monitor
  • Longest battery


  • Costly
  • Tethered to iPhone

Best Value Watch: Apple Watch SE + Cellular

Apple watches newest edition is, Apple Watch SE, which is the best-valued watch of this season. The blood oxygen meter that is an addition to Series 7 makes it costly, so girls with budget constraints should go for Apple Watch SE.

It has a heart rate sensor, emergency SOS service, Fall detection, and Always-on altimeter, and more. It has the same chipset as Apple Watch Series 5. However, it does not have an Always-on display feature. It does not have ECG monitor too. But at this price, we are satisfied with the specifications it provides.


  • Many features according to price
  • Fast processor
  • Many options


  • No SpO2
  • No ECG monitor

Best Watch For Fitness Freaks: Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular

If you are a runner, Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS and Cellular is a great addition. You can leave your iPhone at home while on the run, grocery store, working, swimming, and outside activities. This is the only Apple Watch that allows you to listen to Apple Music and Radio without bringing your iPhone. You can check the watch in direct sunlight and use emergency calling services.


  • Untethered from iPhone
  • Always-on Display
  • Streaming online Music and Radio
  • Emergency calling SOS
  • Stainless Steel Options


  • Expensive
  • Additional cellular cost monthly

Best Status Icon Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 7 Hermes

The Hermes Series 7 Apple Watch is an exclusive timepiece designed by the Parisian brand, Hermes. It is well-known around the globe as a luxury timepiece. If you want a Hermes watch, you must purchase it directly from the store, so that there is no copying or cheating. Hermes bands are intricately handcrafted leather bands available in a variety of colors. Hermes watches are all GPS + Cellular and only available in a stainless steel casing.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Special edition watches
  • Exclusive Hermes designed watches


  • Very expensive
  • Only available in a cellular model

Classy Chic Watch: Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Edition

The Titanium Edition Watch is similar to the aluminum series. It looks brushed and chic because of the fine metal finish. Titanium or space black give it a classy subtle feel.


  • Rich look
  • Stronger than aluminum & stainless steel
  • Status symbol


  • Only two colors
  • Cellular model only

Excellent Apple Watch Pick: Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch 6 is an upgraded version of the Apple Watch 5. It has features like SpO2 and sleeps tracking. It is an excellent choice for girls as it has many customization options. It comes in a 40 mm and 44 mm casing. You can track steps, menstrual cycle, and health with this watch. Apple focuses high on quality and fitness. You get lots of options to style your watch with straps.


  • Track menstrual cycle
  • Upgraded processor
  • Many straps colors options


  • Bit expensive

Budget Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 3 (Many colors options)

The Apple Watch Series 3 was the best until Apple launched Series 4. Every year Apple launches upgraded processors, and it gets better and better with time. We cannot neglect that Apple Watch Series 3 is a great watch without splurging money. Series 3 is just a few years old and remains the budgeted one. It has a heart rate sensor, altimeter, cycle tracking, GPS, and step counter. It is water-resistant and long battery life. It has a small display and does not support complications.

Still, it justifies the price. It should be noted that with time Apple Watch Series 3 is only available in the GPS option.


  • Fits same bands
  • Good for the price.
  • Least expensive
  • Step counter
  • GPS and heart rate sensor


  • No ECG
  • No Altimeter
  • No Fall detection

Which Apple Watch Strap Should you Buy?

Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6 are our picks when it comes to changing styles of straps. There are many strap options available for the same, like Braided Loop, Solo Loop, Leather Bands, Sports Band, Sports Loop, and Stainless Steel Bands.

If you want to get another strap range, you can go for third-party sellers except for the Apple collection. You can go for converters that change the look of the watch instantly. They are not costly and allow you to experiment with your look.

Final Verdict:

Which Apple Watch for Girls is Best? It is what we tried to explore through this article. It is difficult to pick one, but as per our experience, we recommend you the Apple Watch Series 7. It has the latest processor and all the features that you wish for. But if you like budget Apple watches you can pick the SE model.

If you love luxe you can pick The Apple Watch Hermes. Also, we liked the Series 6 watch because it has many color options and has all the features a girl wants. We have mentioned Apple watches are in the works.

Now over to you lovely ladies! Pick what you like!

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