5 Cheapest Car Brands to Maintain

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When most people buy a car, one thing they think about is how much it will cost to keep it running. To figure out if a car will be profitable over time, you need to know how much it will cost to fix. So, based on the statistics of CarEdge, an independent company based in the United States that helps people buy cars, we’re going to tell you which brands are the most reliable and, as a result, will cost you the least to maintain during the first 10 years of the car’s life.


Toyota has always been the most reliable brand and car on the market, so it’s no surprise that it comes in first place on this list of brands with the lowest maintenance costs. The average cost of repairs and maintenance for the first 10 years of a Japanese company’s models is $5,996. This is about $830 less than the average for this kind of thing. There is a 13.51% chance that a Toyota will need a major repair during this time.


Tesla, a well-known brand of electric cars, comes in second. This is because BEVs need less maintenance because their engines have fewer moving parts and parts that wear out. More specifically, a Tesla will cost an average of $5,867 in maintenance and repairs over its first 10 years of use. There is a 9.82% chance that an Elon Musk company car will need a major repair in the first ten years of use.


Another fixed car in this “pool” is a Lexus, since every year Toyota and Lexus take turns being the most reliable car. On average, it costs $7,786 to keep a Lexus running for 10 years. This is because there is only a 17.20% chance that a major repair will be needed on a car made by the Japanese luxury company during that time.

In the first 10 years, maintenance and repairs for 4 Mitsubishi models cost an average of $7,787. And there is an 18.18% chance that something big will go wrong. This means that even though this company isn’t as well-known as the others, it is one of the most recommended.


Honda is one of the five most reliable brands on this list. In the first 10 years of using a model from this brand, maintenance and repair costs will add up to $7,827, and there is a 17.69% chance that a major repair will be needed.


As expected, there are a lot of Japanese brands on this list of the cheapest car brands to maintain, with the exception of Tesla, which sneaks into the top three between Toyota and Lexus because its electrical parts are so simple. The German company Volkswagen and the British company Mini are at the bottom of this list, but being in the Top10 is still a good thing. They are just ahead of another eastern company, Kia, which is the last one on the list. The Europeans say that their experience and quality let them sneak into the top ten. Kia, on the other hand, says that its workers are very careful, which helped it sneak into this ranking despite being a young company.

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