3 Ways to Create Brand Loyalty Among Your Customers

Create Brand Loyalty

If you want to build a sustainable company that turns in a healthy amount of profit year on year, then you can’t afford to neglect the power of brand loyalty. 

While some business models thrive upon attracting new customers at the expense of existing ones, the vast majority of companies benefit hugely by cultivating brand loyalty among their customers. 

The reason is obvious – you can rely on these customers to buy from you again and again (maybe even for their entire lives) and sing your praises wherever they go. If they meet someone who has a problem that your business can solve, then it is likely your customers will recommend you to them.

This is because the best brands reflect positively on the customers themselves. Everyone wants to look clever and discerning, and few can pass up the opportunity to be the person who introduces a great product or service into a friend or family member’s life. 

Creating brand loyalty among your customers isn’t easy, but once you lay the groundwork, the process gradually becomes easier.

Here are three ways to create brand loyalty among your customers:

Collect enough data to thoroughly understand your customers

If you want to retain your customers in the long term by cultivating brand loyalty, then you need to understand the customers themselves, and how they interact with your company. 

You can do this by using real user monitoring, which you can find out more about at Proofpoint

Put simply, real user monitoring helps you to track traffic to your site, deciphering user habits once they are on the site (i.e. whether they spend more time on some pages than others), and whether they are experiencing any issues with the checkout process.

This can help you optimize the site to make it easier for customers to use, more enticing to buy from, as well as help your customer service team assist customers who have experienced an issue with the site. 

By having this data at your disposal, you can fine-tune your site to suit your long-term customers, and improve the buying process. 

Don’t be afraid of saying no to certain prospects

It might sound counter-intuitive, but part of cultivating brand loyalty is to dissuade customers who are not likely to be loyal to you.

While every business wants as many customers as possible, in reality there are certain customers which are not worth your time. 

For instance, there may be some customers who repeatedly return items for no good reason, waste your customer service team’s time with impossible requests, or leave you unwarranted bad reviews. It is best to dissuade these customers – who may not fully buy into your brand – up front, by essentially saying ‘no’ in your sales copy. 

Explain any faults or downsides to your product or service up front, highlight the cost, or whether certain types of customers just won’t get any real value out of it. 

Your brand will appear trustworthy, avoid looking needy and make the customers who do find value in your brand feel exclusive. This both stops the wrong type of customer buying your products and actually encourages the right customers to keep buying. 

Interact with your customer base regularly

If you want to create brand loyalty in the long term, then you need to interact with your customer base regularly. Remind them that you exist, instil your brand in their minds so that they think about your products, even when they are doing their daily chores. 

One of the best ways of interacting regularly with your customer base is to create an email list with your most valued customers on it. 

Send daily emails with stories, advice, product promotions and other related content that entertains your customers, sells them on your products and creates a more rounded brand image for your company.

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