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If you have ever saved a document in PDF format at any time, you know how agonizing it can be to delete specific pages of that document later on. What you could do is go back and look for a Word copy of the same document so that you can manually delete the unnecessary pages as needed. But that can take a long time. 

And what if you don’t have a Word copy of the document? That could mean you need to check the PDF software for the right process and commands to master first. Again, that is time-consuming and a major headache for anyone. The good news is you can always rely on PDFBear to help you.

How PDFBear Makes it Easier

You probably need to delete PDF pages because such pages contain content that would detract from the flow of your presentation at school or at the office. Though this might not be your common problem, it does happen admittedly. But with the PDFBear cloud service tool, this doesn’t have to be a major problem. It can be solved rather quickly actually.

The first step is always to access the PDFBear cloud service. This means you need a fairly strong Internet signal in your area. That will allow you to initiate the process of deleting those PDF pages without interruption. If it seems the Internet signal is intermittent in your location, try to find a place where there is a stronger signal first. You can’t afford to be interrupted in your work.

Once you have the right signal strength, it’s game time. Simply look for the correct PDF file on your laptop or desktop computer. You may drag and drop this file into the correct slot in the tool. Make sure you tag the correct pages in the PDF document that you want to be removed. Then hit the APPLY CHANGES button.

You will notice that the result is a new PDF document. That’s okay – it’s the same file without the unnecessary pages. You will then be able to either download this new file or share the document into your Dropbox or Google Drive. That’s so easy that even a grade school student could do it without much fuss.

When Does Deleting Unwanted Pages Become Crucial?

The pages of your document will need to be removed because they do not fit the new presentation you are required to initiate. It applies to students making their thesis or any other school requirement but lacks time to learn new software commands. It is also useful for white-collar workers in the office who might have been asked by their supervisor or even by the head of their department to prepare for an impromptu presentation of a business venture.

One place where deleting unwanted pages is important is in a law firm. If you are a practicing lawyer, there will be a time when you have to remove some pages from a previous legal document. And take note that you won’t always have a lot of time to do that right away. It means you have to either look for a subordinate or colleague who does have time on their hands to help you out, or you drive yourself crazy looking for the manual of your PDF software to learn what commands would be needed.

Even doctors and scientists who deal with massive amounts of information regularly would find the PDFBear tool a lifesaver. This is because such professionals don’t have the time to learn a new software just like that. Can you imagine having to deliver a talk at a conference or serve as a consultant or witness in a legal proceeding but being clueless about how to make the PDF software delete pages in your PDFs? Yikes, what a nightmare!

On the surface, it seems like these are petty problems that can be easily resolved if you had been learning the software in advance. However, in reality, it is very problematic when these kinds of situations arise because you probably have no clue how to delete pages from a file that has already been saved as a PDF. Not everyone in your school, organization, or company is a techie so it won’t be surprising if you panic (unless you have a close tech-minded friend who doesn’t mind helping you out). Just think of PDFBear as that friend whom you badly needed at that time.

Why PDFBear Is Your Best Buddy When Deleting PDF Pages

Having the tool on the ready is a major weapon in your tools of the trade. For one thing, your computer will not have to be fitted with a particular preferred operating system to work well with the site. This means you can use the PDFBear tool whether your preferred OS is Linux, Mac, or Windows. That cuts down on the guesswork for the most part.

You also don’t have to worry that your document’s deleted pages will be stuck in the cloud service for all eternity (or at least until the website techies remove it). PDFBear will only hang on to both your deleted pages and the brand new PDF document for 60 minutes tops. Then it will delete all that data completely. Not even one word, letter, number, or symbol will remain within the website. So you can sigh in relief – no one will be able to invade your privacy that way.

In Conclusion

Technology can be the bane of your existence if you let it. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. That’s where PDFBear comes in. Its wide array of tools will make it much easier for you to handle huge amounts of data in your PDF documents. As long as you follow simple instructions, refrain from panicking, and observe the process step by step, then you will wind up with a brand new PDF document without those pages that had to be deleted by PDFBear. Check it out now and enjoy over 20 tools for free!

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