GogoPDF: Edit Your Files With This All-In-One Saas Tool

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Creating and editing PDF tools is something that should be considered common knowledge, especially in this age of advanced tech. Editing different file formats used to take hours to do. But thanks to advanced SaaS tools, such as GogoPDF, you wouldn’t have to spend a huge chunk of your day waiting to finalize your files. If you haven’t heard about this tool, then you are missing out on a lot! It is one of the most powerful online suites that lets you edit, create, convert, and even scan PDF files. With over 20 tools that you can use for free, this is the online website that you will ever need for all your file-related needs. Here are some of the tools that are crowd-favorites:

1.PDF to PNG

This specific tool is famous, specifically for people who create presentations but has little time to spare. There is a lot of software out there that can help you with this specific task, but GogoPDF takes it a step further. This SaaS tool makes sure that whenever you convert your images, it is always of its best quality! All you have to do is go to the file, upload the file that you want to convert PDF to PNG then wait for GogoPDF to do the heavy work for you!

2.Compress PDF

Compressing files has a lot of benefits, depending on your needs. For example, sending a file in email has a size limit, which makes the tool handy. Similarly, when you try to upload your files without compressing them, it might take a few minutes, or even hours to successfully upload them. The biggest pro of using this tool is that you get to save storage space, too! Unlike other tools, GogoPDF will retain the format and quality of your file, even after compressing it. 

3.Merge Files

Do you have a lot of files on your computer? Having files all over the place can be frustrating to work with. Before you accidentally delete an important file, make sure to go through all of them. And to take it one step further, you can merge PDF files to maximize storage space and to organize them. With this tool, you can arrange the files in just a few clicks! Another good thing about this SaaS tool is that you can use any device to access it. Whether you are using your phone, a Macbook, or any Windows device, you will be able to use any of its tools without any problems!

4.Edit PDF

One of the problems that most people are having trouble with is finding a tool that you can use to edit your files. Of course, this is another tool that GogoPDF offers for free! With this tool, you can use the pen tool and do freehand drawings, add shapes, texts, and photos. If you are reading, you may also use the highlighter tool to mark your favorite quotes and excerpts. You can save your file and share it with your other colleagues after editing.

5.Unlock Files

It is normal to forget passwords from time to time. However, when it comes to encrypted PDF files, it is going to be harder to retrieve. It is not as easy as clicking ‘forgot password’ on a social media platform. Before you panic, there is still one this that you can do to retrieve your document. That’s right! Use GogoPDF’s Unlock PDF files tool. Do note that not all files can be unlocked since it still depends on the type of encryption. Aside from that, you can also remove the password all at once with this feature! It does not take rocket science to do this task. It will be done in just a few minutes!

6.PDF to Word

This is one of the common administrative tasks that most people dread to do. The most logical way to do it is manually copying the texts from the file to a new Word document. But what if the file won’t let you use the copy and paste feature? Then you would have to retype everything from scratch which would take the whole day to do! But thanks to this GogoPDF tool, you can convert your file in just seconds! This feature will also retain all the other elements of your file, which includes photos, bullet points, fonts, colors, and tables! This tool will boost the efficiency of your organization and streamline your process.

7.eSign PDF

A lot of people have to sign a soft copy of documents and contracts. So it is important that you have a trusted tool on your arsenal, especially if you will be uploading your signature online. When you use GogoPDF, you won’t have to worry if the site will save a copy of your signature. To ease your mind, the server will actually delete all the edited and uploaded files after one hour. On top of that, this is also a great tool if there is more than one person who needs to sign the file. The signature tracker keeps you on track once you send it out for other people to sign. All parties will be notified via email, and once everyone is done, each one of you can download the final file so everyone has their own copies.

8.Watermark File

Protect your intellectual files by adding a watermark over them. This is a safety feature tool to make sure that no one else will be able to copy your file and claim it as theirs. The tools will let you personalize the watermark. You may use your logo, a photo, or text as a watermark. You never have to worry since you will be able to track your file.

Don’t miss out on this great tool!

Work smarter by adding GogoPDF to your arsenal! This is the safest site since it honors their customer’s privacy, which you can review on their site. Trust us when we say that you will not have to look for another PDF tool once you start using this website. To enjoy this cloud-based tool more, you may also sign up for its 14-day PRO free trial! Head over to GogoPDF to know more.

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