Top 7 Signs That it’s Time to Get a New Smartphone

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The smartphone has become indispensable to the daily life of millions of people. Many people even feel uncomfortable without their smartphones. Most users also like to have the newest technology and it is important to stay up to date with the latest smartphones to avoid being left behind.

There are a number of telltale signs that it may be time for you to upgrade to a new smartphone.

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Online Casino games and VR

Online casino games, including those available on Michigan Online Casinos, are massively popular these days and can be played on smartphones.

However, with the technology behind these games continuing to change and develop, and particularly with the addition of new technology such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, those with older phones may soon find themselves unable to pay for some or even all of those games. It is, therefore, advisable to upgrade smartphones as soon as new technologies become available.

Inability to access new operating systems

Device manufacturers often stop offering the latest upgrades to older versions of their smartphones, and if that has now happened to the model you own, then the time has come to upgrade.

It is even possible that the hardware of that smartphone is so outdated that the manufacturers would not be able to upgrade the operating system even if they wanted to, such as if the smartphone makes use of an old processor.

For example, a 64-bit operating system is not going to be able to be run on a 32-bit processor, which is precisely what happened with iOS 11, which has a 64-bit operating system that is unable to be used on older iOS devices such as the likes of the iPhone 5 or the iPad 4.

When a brand-new Android phone is purchased, users should make sure that the latest iteration of the Android OS is being run on it, as this is not actually necessarily always going to be the case.

Security issues

Security is always a concern for people who use smartphones, and the reality is that those with older devices need to keep up to date with new security upgrades and patches.

If they are unable to run a new operating system on an old smartphone, they should at least be making use of an older operating system that is able to still receive new security upgrades.

If the Android version on your smartphone is no longer able to do this, then this is a definite sign that it is time to upgrade to a new smartphone and preferably as soon as possible to avoid security risks.

Those who like the Android operating system should ensure they pick a smartphone manufacturer that is partnered with Google so monthly patches will be added automatically.

Otherwise, users should just remain with Apple, which has a reputation for being willing to offer support for much longer.

No more manufacturer support

While security updates are supported by Apple for a much longer period of time than is the case with some of their competitors, a smartphone that is more than five years old is considered to be practically obsolete.

These smartphones are so outdated that the most up-to-date protocols may not be being used to encrypt network traffic, which can result in hackers easily gaining access to the most sensitive data of users.

A slow phone

If a smartphone is agonizingly unresponsive even after a complete device reset, then the time may have come to upgrade to a new one.

Apple devices are often slowed in order to preserve battery life but if this problem remains after the battery has been replaced, then an upgrade is the only real answer.

A slow phone can make it difficult, if not impossible, to surf the internet, watch videos or play online casino games.

Frequently crashing apps

If bigger apps have an alarmingly frequent tendency to crash on a smartphone, but the devices owned by those around you do not appear to have this issue, then the problem is probably not with the app but with the smartphone itself.

Devices come with two types of memory, one of which is for storage such as photo files, while the other, known as RAM, is actually responsible for running the operating system as well as apps.

RAM features different allocations which include a memory threshold for every individual app, a threshold that might be very low on low-end smartphones.

The result of this is that your smartphone will crash much more often than those of people who have chosen products that come with a greater allocation of RAM.

Low battery life

Batteries are rated for complete cycles of 300-500 before they get to 70% of their full capacity, and those who are able to upgrade to the latest security patches or OS may be able to get a replacement battery for their smartphone.

Having a low battery life can be very frustrating, and there could hardly be a greater annoyance than being in the middle of a successful session on an online casino site and being unable to carry on because your smartphone battery has run out of power.

Smartphones are no longer just phones and have become a vital part of the modern lifestyle, with consumers in the United States spending an average of more than four hours on their smartphones every day.

It is neither enjoyable nor in some cases even safe, to remain with technology that is not providing modern security standards.

If you can relate to even just a few of the signs on this list, then it is almost certainly time for you to upgrade to a new smartphone.

Modern smartphones will provide extra security, up-to-date event tech features, time-saving performance, and the ability to play and make the most of the latest online casino games, making it easier than ever to enjoy the hectic pace of modern life.

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