Best Google reCAPTCHA Alternative – GeeTest CAPTCHA

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Since the very beginning of CAPTCHA, millions of web internet users have been able to have safe and secure browsing because of this. But as things are upgrading day by day, tackling bots and robots with CAPTCHA needed an upgrade as well. This is where reCAPTCHA came forward to take the internet world a few steps closer to a secure browsing world. Nowadays people can attest to the proof of being human with just a single click. By this, we are taking a step forward and making ourselves invisible from the bot attacks because bots and robots face real challenges solving reCAPTCHA. In this article, we will discuss Google reCAPTCHA and its best alternative, GeeTest CAPTCHA.

 What is reCAPTCHA?

reCAPTCHA possesses an ultra-advanced adaptive challenge and risk analysis engine so that it can keep malicious bots, robots, and software from getting engaged in harmful activities on your app, phone, and website. They provide you full protection for your website to save you from fraud and abuse even without creating any friction. If you are willing to get a frictionless user experience where you can have the liberty of extending fraud protection across all the portions of your websites rather than being limited to only a few selected web pages. It also can be integrated into your application drawer just by using a service that is API-based.

 Google reCAPTCHA vs. GeeTest CAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA and GeeTest CAPTCHA are two of the best available CAPTCHA service providers in the world right now. Comparison between these two CAPTCHAs will seem very interesting to you because there are some incredible features tagged with these two CAPTCHAs.

1. In the case of platforms, both are available in all popular platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Still, GeeTest CAPTCHA integrated into mobile apps, APIs, and website gateways to tackle the bot threats.

2. Audience: Both Google reCAPTCHA and GeeTest CAPTCHA’s audience is mainly the companies or website/app owners who look for bot detection and mitigation solutions for themselves. For people who require assistance to secure their website from any fraudulent activity, abuse, or spam, Gee Test CAPTCHA is the perfect solution for them.

 3. Online service: Both of them provide online services to their clients. Gee Test offers their support services even during business hours for 24/7 Live.

 4. Free version: Free version and free trial opportunities are available for both these CAPTCHAS. You can quickly try both of these CAPTCHAS and choose the right one for your website.

 5. User experience: Often, Google reCAPTCHA annoyed people with an endless “I’m not a robot” checkbox and nine images with blurred borders, causing high user friction, hurting customers’ trust, and losing conversion rate. However, Gee Test CAPTCHA has well-balanced security and user experience. Humans and robots can be distinguished easily in the process of playing interactive CAPTCHA games.

 6. Worldwide deployment: Gee Test CAPTCHA stays live online all the time whereas reCAPTCHA can’t do so. Also, Gee Test CAPTCHA can be deployed successfully worldwide, even in China, for which Google products are not available.

 7. Found time/place: Gee Test CAPTCHA was founded back in 2012 in China and reCAPTCHA was founded back in 1998. The first one is from a well-reputed Chinese company and the latter one is from Google.

 8. Failback mode: Gee Test has a unique Failback mode. When servers fail to work in some extreme situations, such as experiencing internet downtime or DDoS attack, GeeTest CAPTCHA can automatically initiate the Failback Mode and avoid affecting customers’ business.

 9. CAPTCHA types: Google reCAPTCHA v3 only has three types, while GeeTest has many more interesting CAPTCHA types than Google reCAPTCHA, such as jigsaw puzzle CAPTCHA, space CAPTCHA, you can find and test all of them on GeeTest demo page.

10. reCAPTCHA has all sorts of integration processes whereas GeeTest has had only a few of them. But in terms of overall performance and experience, they are far superior to the reCAPTCHA.

 Therefore, we can say, in this battle of two CAPTCHAs GeeTest CAPTCHA should get an upper hand because of the quality and performance it has been maintaining.

Google reCAPTCHA

How tricky is reCAPTCHA?

CAPTCHAs are getting harder day by day just to tackle artificial intelligence and to keep the internet safe and protected for us. In reCAPTCHA, demonstrating yourself as a human but not a robot is a tricky job. Because most of their CAPTCHAs are tough to solve even for the human brain.

 It is getting aggressive as time passes by. Nowadays, you need to click on the “I’m not a robot” button and then select crosswalks, traffic lights, etc. Even sometimes people have to identify a fire hydrant which is quite unfamiliar to a lot of people and therefore they struggle to do so. This is where things get tricky for reCAPTCHA because people can’t prove that they are human even when they are human.

CAPTCHA is an elegant tool for tackling any kind of bot attack but when it makes people struggle using their website, then it can’t meet up to the expectations of most people. This is why some people call reCAPTCHA a tricky CAPTCHA site as the real human are also having trouble using the website along with the bot and robot.

 The benefit of GeeTest CAPTCHA

GeeTest CAPTCHA is the real deal in the CAPTCHA industry these days. They have come up with some incredible features which will create trouble for bot attacks and AI robots. But they won’t make anything hard for the real human being. They will be able to crack all those things easily and can use their websites without any hassle. Apart from this there are several other benefits of GeeTest CAPTCHA as well and here they are as follows:

1. GeeTest has the capability of resisting cyber enemies invisibly to pursue an experience that users will cherish forever.

2. Their CAPTCHAs will only be challenging for the robots, humans will find them easy and interesting.

3. They can effectively block all sorts of abusive and abnormal requests. It will also improve the efficiency and login experience of the users.

4. When it comes to the question of defense against the powerful bot attacks, there is no alternative to GeeTest CAPTCHA in the CAPTCHA industry.

5. They are also capable of maintaining a good and positive user experience.

6. If you are looking for flexible customization with stable service globally, then GeeTest CAPTCHA should be top of your list.

7. They can provide web scraping, ticket scalping, account takeover, abusive traffic, and ad fraud. All these features will keep your browsing experience quite secure.

Apart from all these benefits, you can also get the fastest quality service and technologically power security from GeeTest CAPTCHA.

 Wrap Up

 Though things can get tricky for reCAPTCHA, still they are one of the most popular CAPTCHA service providers in the whole world. They didn’t achieve this without some quality and performance. So, there is no room for doubt even for reCAPTCHA. But when we compare reCAPTCHA and GeeTest CAPTCHA, then we have to pick the latter one because they are better performers right now. Their collective features, services, and support systems put them ahead of reCAPTCHA. But Google is trying to cope up with the expectations of the users as well. Till then, according to our research and study, GeeTest CAPTCHA is the best Google reCAPTCHA alternative without any doubt.


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