Tools that HR professionals Need in 2021

HR Tools

Just like any other professional field, HR is an ever changing, ever evolving field that requires agility and flexibility. The rapid digital transformation that is taking hold of businesses and other organizations right now, in 2021, requires HR professionals to work at a ‘superhuman’ pace. It requires them to learn new skills while also holding on to the old ones and carry out their work with diplomatic tactics and kindness simultaneously. 

HR professionals are required to be the bridge between the employees and the organization. In such a scenario, there are 4 amazing and must-have tools for every HR professional that will make their lives and jobs easier and will let them be agile enough to fulfill the market needs. 

Recruitment and Selection Tools:

The recruitment process today is much more complicated and laboursome than it was a decade ago as there is an extensive amount of workforce that applies for jobs and tries to make themselves known to organizations everyday. 

In such an intensive environment, HR professionals must have the right tools to help them keep track of the human capital which is why Automations and Technology has become the must-have tools for 2021. 

Anything that helps in finding and acquiring people for the organization can be a recruitment and selection tool. These tools vary from the AI supported screening and shortlisting software to testing assessments, applicant tracking software, and even video interviewing tools. 

Such tools make the recruitment process less tedious and more targeted for HR professionals 

Performance Management Tools:

Keeping track of the employee performance is a must as it helps in quantifying the performance and understanding the employee behaviour so that there is better decision making regarding what is lacking and what should be done to boost it. 

However, the tracking process sometimes becomes very chaotic if the organization is too large and the amount of human capital is nearly impossible to be tracked manually. Which is when Performance management software becomes a must. 

These softwares let HR professionals track employee performance ensuring cross-functionality within the organization; in simple words, making sure that all the employees and departments within the organization are working together towards achieving the same business objectives. 

Learning and Development Tools:

In the last decade, HR professionals have started to take more active roles in organizations. They aren’t just there to passively monitor and administer the recruited employees but in 2021, they are also taking up the responsibilities to develop the human capital for the organization through training and instructions. 

They’re being tasked to assist employees’ professional development and talent deployment throughout the organization. Training has been proven to be beneficial for an organization in many levels as it provides career satisfaction to the employee and helps the organization make use of the employee potential and talents to the fullest. 

To make these learning and training programmes even more better, a trend of eLearning has started to bloom. These eLearning programmes are being successfully carried on LMS like Thinkfic that helps in teaching a mass number of people at the same time. 

It has also enabled the options to targeted and tailored teaching and made the whole learning process more relevant, effective and engaging for employees, HR professionals and the organization overall. 

The best way to choose your LMS could be by skimming through the reviews added by previous customers. For instance, if you believe Thinkfic is a great tool, you can simply check out the Thinkific Reviews and make an informed decision. 

Compensation and Benefit Tools: 

Keeping track of the employee benefits, their uses and work compensation can again be a very tedious task when done for a bulk of people. However, compensation and benefit tracking tools help HR professionals to administer the flow of benefits and compensation both within the organization and on different levels allowing them to stay on top of both these business facets from a centralized position. These tools also help in tracking benefits use, performance and sending reminders to the employees about the upcoming benefits for the best work satisfaction. 


Gone are the days when HR professionals were responsible only for finding and recruiting people and listening to their complaints and concerns occasionally. In today’s competitive market HR professionals need to be more agile and take more responsibility towards both the organization and the employees. And that can be a huge task that is humanly impossible sometimes. Thus, use of automation and technology becomes a must in 2021.

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