8 Ways Technology is Changing HR and Payroll

HR and Payroll

Technology has been the driving force behind the growth of HR and payroll management over the past decade, but now there are even more possibilities on the horizon for how these two functions will change in the next decade. While there are many new technologies that could impact HR and payroll management moving forward, there are eight that will likely have an especially large impact. Below, we’ll explore those eight technologies and what they might mean for the future of HR and payroll.


Technology has made it easier for us to manage our payroll without having to do it all manually. From direct deposit, to pay stubs emailed directly to employees, to internal systems that track time off for vacation, technology can help your business save money and make sure that your workers get paid on time. Whether you’re a startup with 2 employees or a major corporation with 100,000+ workers across multiple branches around the world, consider investing in some helpful payroll software.


Understanding your business, your industry, and your employees will help ensure that you’re maximizing efficiencies. To get started, research similar businesses to yours or contact other professionals in your industry. Pay attention to what’s working for them—and how they integrate technology into their operations. Begin brainstorming how you could use technology to achieve similar results.

Time Saver

Technology allows HR departments to do things more efficiently, from collecting data to recruiting employees. This increased efficiency can leave you with more time in your day to deal with other tasks, including payroll. With a few smart tools at your disposal, you’ll find that payroll tasks take a lot less time than they used to—and that might be just what you need to help improve your bottom line.


Automation has been a part of business for a while now, but today’s technologies have opened up a whole new world for efficiency in human resources and payroll management. What used to take an entire office can now be done with just a few clicks of your mouse. Investing in systems that automate at least some aspects of your processes can help save time and energy, allowing you to focus on higher-level responsibilities. Make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality by going too far down the automation path, though—you want to maintain control over certain key processes or information to make sure all bases are covered. So choose carefully when it comes to choosing technology services. Automate what makes sense but stay in control where it counts!


While some employers like to keep their employees in the dark, more companies are moving toward transparency. With more room for openness, your company can focus on creating an environment of trust between employees and management, especially when it comes to new policies. Being able to talk through new workplace practices with your team can not only make them feel valued but can also help ensure that they understand how their work fits into your larger business model.

Automation of HR and Payroll Process

Automation plays a vital role in today’s workforce. From reducing paperwork to improving communication between management and employees, automation has already changed every aspect of human resources. Now it’s time for some big changes in payroll processing; for example, an automated payroll software that replaces all your manual payroll spreadsheets methods with automated ones. The beauty of automation—in both payroll management and human resources—is its ability to free up staff time so they can focus on value-added tasks. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of new technology; after all, an efficient business means higher profits.


To understand how technology can affect your payroll, start by considering it from a security standpoint. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently found that almost half of all federal employees’ personal information had been stolen. This breach should be a wake-up call to any company that handles sensitive customer data: Any outside hackers could do as much damage as an inside job.

Cost Benefits

One of the most obvious advantages to adopting new technologies in HR and payroll management is reduced costs. There are a few reasons why: 1) New technology can often eliminate or simplify repetitive administrative tasks, which typically take up a lot of time; 2) When business processes are automated, there’s less need for employees to travel between departments and/or complete physical paperwork; 3) HR and payroll software may allow you to scale your workforce more easily, since it streamlines onboarding procedures, etc.

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying on top of your organization’s human resources and Payroll requires up-to-date knowledge of current trends. The field of Human Resources has changed dramatically over recent years with a number of new trends emerging. These changes require forward-thinking in order to leverage them effectively in your company.

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