From Mundanity to Maximum Efficiency: 6 Low-Value Tasks to Take off Your Plate

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When your schedule gives you an inch, you want to take a mile. That’s why increasing your daily efficiency is such a high-value measure to take in your time management journey. One sure way to increase efficiency is to prioritize your time and energy by delegating low-value or rote engagements to others. Here are six low-value tasks to take off your plate to make room for the things that matter. 

Sorting through emails

While email promotes efficiency by providing a way to quickly deliver messages and correspondence, sorting through hundreds of emails is a tremendous time waster. 

Using email sorting software is an excellent way to streamline this mundane task and whip your inbox into exceptional shape in no time. Email sorters will also ensure that you never miss important emails due to spam misdirection. 

Mail management

Email inboxes aren’t the only form of mail that requires sorting. Sorting through postal or snail mail is another low-value task that can take far too much time out of your busy day. An online PO box is a staffed location that can receive your correspondence and instantly alert you via app or web, so you save a wasted trip to the post office. Decide what happens to your mail from anywhere in the world and scratch this item off your to-do list. 

Responding to notifications

Notifications can help keep you on track and ensure that essential appointments and meetings are not forgotten. But these notifications can also become a nuisance and a distraction when received at inappropriate times. 

If you are working on a project or in a meeting that should not be disturbed, silencing those notifications will allow you to complete the task at hand and check out those notifications afterward.

Editing and proofreading

Confirming that outgoing communication is error-free and conveys the intended meaning is essential to effective communication. But proofreading and editing take time and energy that might be better spent elsewhere. MSWord has editing capabilities built into the software. Using MSWord when responding to or initiating correspondence can save time on corrections while sending professional communication. 

Too many tools

There are thousands of tools on the market that exist to make your job easier, but do these tools accomplish that goal? If the software has proven inefficient and difficult to use, it might be wasting more time than it saves.

Investing in software that streamlines and simplifies several tasks and allows for intuitive usage is an investment that will pay off both in the short and long term by allowing several chores to be completed at once and saving time. 

Take a moment to refine your daily schedule

Humans tend to have their most productive hours in the early morning and wane throughout the day. You can use this fact to your advantage in scheduling important meetings and completing critical chores earlier in the day when you will be at your best. 

Wrap Up

Setting up priorities and placing limitations on assigned duties will create more time for the essential things in your life and allow you to get more enjoyment from the things you do. 

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