8 Must Have Macbook Accessories for Your Home Office

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As of 2021, there are well over 100 million active MacBook users around the world. Over half of these users are still new to the Mac platform and still learning how to get the most out of their incredibly powerful machines. 

The fact is few PCs can rival the MacBook when it comes to design and performance. But no Mac is an island. Whether you use a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, you can always find accessories that take its performance to the next level.

So, what MacBook accessories are the hottest at the moment? Keep reading to learn more. 

  1. Airpods

Airpods are among the most sought out MacBook accessory, thanks to their amazing features. The accessories feature noise cancellation and fitted tips, as well as overall superior sound quality.

The noise cancellation feature helps you block out the outside world and zone in on your favorite music or podcast. You can then switch to the transparency mode when you need to speak with someone and easily hold a conversation without the need to remove your Airpods.

  1. USB-C To Lightning Cable

From time to time, you’ll need to charge your iPhone directly from your Mac. The easiest way to do so is by using a wired connection. That’s where a top-quality USB-C to Lightning cable comes in.

The cable can also help you download lengthy videos without having to wait for a wireless file transfer.

One of the best Lightning cables for Apple products is the Aukey USB-C to Lightning Cable. This reinforced cable has a 90-degree connector on either side and features a braided nylon wrap over its insulation to avert breakage and fraying. 

  1. Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

Sure, the latest Macs feature a significantly improved keyboard. However, these keyboards still lack the F-keys and essential numeric pads that make working on a PC much easier, particularly if you frequently do accounting tasks.

Consider getting the Magic keyboard, which is one of the high-end Mac accessories worth every penny. This keyboard affords Mac users a far more fluid and comfortable typing experience. The keyboard also features seamless Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can place your keyboard anywhere you want to suit your office setup perfectly. 

  1. Mobile External Hard Drive

Many Mac users love to create music, video, and other media. In most cases, these files take up massive amounts of space. To keep these large files from bogging your Mac down, you can consider cool mac accessories such as an external hard drive.

Go for something with as much storage space as the LaCie 2TB Mobile External Hard Drive. Such an accessory gives you enough storage for all of your needs in a single portable package.

  1. A Stand for Your MacBook

Another item that needs to be in your MacBook Air accessories kit is a laptop stand. This stand is designed to alleviate the shoulder and neck strain associated with staring down at your laptop screen for extended periods.

A laptop stand also helps your laptop become level with other monitors on your desk, creating a level workstation.

So, which specific stand should you opt for? Well, a good option is the Twelve South Curved Stand, which is specifically designed for the Mac. Not only does the stand hold your Mac firmly in place but it also allows sufficient airflow, which keeps your laptop cool. 

  1. The Apple Magic Mouse

Your MacBook is a sleek product, so it only makes sense to get a sleek mouse for it. At the moment, there’s hardly a better fit than the Apple Magic Mouse.

The mouse comes in both silver and space gray. It’s 100 percent rechargeable, which means that you’ll never have to worry about purchasing new batteries. 

You’ll also love the mouse’s lightweight design, which makes clicking and scrolling so much easier. The mouse has a multi-touch surface which makes the accessory even easier to use.

  1. Wireless Charging Dock

Once you immerse yourself completely into the Apple ecosystem, you realize how easy it is to make your Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods work together smoothly. But each of these needs to be charged regularly, and a Qi-compatible wireless charging dock is the ideal accessory to make that happen. 

A good option is the Mophie three-in-one which fast-charges your Apple products via one platform. The pad itself is covered in top-grade  Ultrasuede fabric that ensures that your expensive gadgets don’t get any scratches during charging. 

  1. A Mac Cleaner

Some of the best MacBook accessories aren’t always tangible. The fact is your Mac is bound to accumulate clutter over time, from outdated apps to caches to system files. When that happens, you need Mac cleaning software to take care of things.

Ignoring clutter in your Mac’s system only affected its performance. It can slow down your laptop speed, which is one of the common Mac problems users report.

A Mac cleaner’s primary task is disk cleanup. Simply put, the software removes all unnecessary stuff from your drive, freeing up the space your Mac needs to continue performing optimally. 

The best Mac cleaning software comes with extra capabilities, including malware tracking, duplicate finder, real-time junk tracking, and Mac cache cleaner.

Find the Right MacBook Accessories for Your PC

Your Mac is without a doubt a productivity powerhouse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve its performance. By investing in the MacBook accessories we’ve recommended in this post, you can start to get more out of your laptop.

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