Street Fighter Duel is Now Available for Android and iOS

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At this point, it goes without saying that Street Fighter is a series of fighting video games, since it is probably the best known of all, along with Mortal Kombat. 

However, now that Street Fighter Duel has come out, we need to clarify this, since we are facing the first game in the franchise that might not be considered a fighting game. And it is that this new installment, published by Crunchyroll Games and developed by A Plus Japan Inc., is quite far from the classic Street Fighter made by Capcom.

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Street Fighter Duel is an RPG card game that features the franchise’s most iconic characters, such as Chun-Li, Ryu, and Ken, and a story mode that encapsulates the lore of the franchise’s 30+ year history across 30 levels, where you can unlock new characters and cards. It’s free-to-play so you can expect the typical microtransactions of this type of game.

How is Street Fighter Duel, a Rarity within the Franchise?

How is Street Fighter Duel

There are a total of six different factions in the game: Wind, Thunder, Flame, Hell, Master, and Legendary. To defeat the enemies, you have to use combinations of these factions correctly Hell, Master, and Legendary. To defeat the enemies, you have to use combinations of these factions correctly. As you mix skills and attacks, you’ll create unique combos to deal damage. Filling the super combo meter will unleash a devastating ultimate move.

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The battles consist of 3 vs. 3 duels, so you will have to select a trio of characters from the more than 40 available (most will need to be unlocked first). Notably, each character can be individually upgraded and customized as they have a level system, and there are many unique accessories, armor, and special moves you can choose from.

In addition to the story mode, the game has PvE and PvP modes to battle your friends online in real time. It even offers daily quests, events, and rewards to keep you constantly entertained with something new.

Download Street Fighter Duel for Android or iOS

Street Fighter Duel is now available worldwide for Android and iOS devices (including the iPhone and iPad). You can download it totally free from the Google Play Store and the App Store by checking the following boxes:

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