Top 10 Tips, Tricks & Tools to Level Up Your Streams in 2023

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Live streaming is when the streamed video is sent over the Internet in real time without being first recorded and stored. In present times TV broadcasts, video game streams, irl streams and social media video can all be live-streamed. Anyone can steam a live video and anyone can watch the live stream. 

In a regular stream, actors memorise the dialogue, take so many cuts and retakes.  The recorded video is stored and streamed on a fixed day and time. While on the other hand a live video is streamed live which means in real time without retakes,cuts and editing which means viewers see the host in real time without any editing. Anybody and everybody can stream their content on youtube and anyone can watch that across the globe. Live streams are coming live and creators can even interact with their audience during a live stream. Live streams are very successful in increasing the crowd to one channel. The biggest platform for streaming is Twitch and YouTube.

  • Make sure your video and audio quality are good

A good quality of content is always able to attract new audiences.  Creators should never compromise on the quality of their videos. Here quality does not mean content quality, quality also means video quality like audio, video, etc.  Content should be attractive, graphics must be excellent because it helps to attract new audiences. Unlike a pre-recorded video, there are no take-backs and many takes or editing here–so creators really need to be sure to get this right! Host should also make sure that there is no background noise or disturbance which will snatch away all the attraction of the audience.

  • Make eye contact with audience

Eye contact is important when speaking to others, there is not much difference when it’s on camera and it even makes the host look confident. Instead of looking at yourself on a screen, be sure to look directly into the camera. This will also help the host to appear more honest, 

  • Make sure your Connection is strong

While on a live steam internet connection is very important. If your internet connection is poor then your live stream video will buffer and then the drop-down ratio will be very high and views may not connect with you while on your other live streaming videos. Having a bad internet connection leaves a negative impact on the audience and the audience may start disliking you and your content. 

  • Try to make your Live stream more engaging

Creators can conversate with their audience to make their live stream more engaging. Creators can even answer their viewer’s questions while on live stream this can help in gathering a crowd. If a creator talks with their audience then the audience may start liking that particular creator. Therefore the creator is able to attract new audiences into their channel. 

  •  Creators can advertise their live stream

In order to gain more audience, creators can even advertise their content. Creators can fix a date for a live stream and can tell their views through notifications or in videos about his/her live stream.  They can even tell them about the agenda of the live stream, other activities like chit-chat sessions with the host, etc. 

The host can even ask his audience to promote his/her live stream on various platforms. 

  • Power of good accessories 

Live Streams must try to use good accessories like cameras, webcams, mics, and PCs, etc. Because good accessories will help to make the content look rich and this will help in gaining a new audience.                         

  • Add an extra host or guest.

 Live streaming is more fun and engaging with two or more people, especially friends or people of the same career paths b. Having a guest on your live stream is also an excellent opportunity for cross-promotion, that is you promote the guest with your audience and the guest promotes your show with their audience which will definitely be a win-win situation for both of them. 

  • Live stream to more than one platform. 

Creators can even Publish their live stream to multiple platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook Live, and Instagram live. Which is an excellent way to reach more viewers and audiences with a little more effort and in this case efforts will be well spent because with a little more effort hosts can get a flood of new viewers.

  • Have backup equipment available

Even with a simple setup, there is still a chance your equipment may fail. Some encoders, such as Pearl-2, are built incredibly reliable, but it’s the smaller components that tie everything together, such as cables and monitors, which may pose a small risk for failure. It’s always best to play it safe and keep backups of your gear whenever possible.

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