Apple iPhone 16 Pro will Include Face ID Under-Display

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Yes. It’s no secret to us. Even while the iPhone 16 won’t be released until the second half of 2024, speculation has already begun about the upgrades this successor to the iPhone 15 will offer, including in the Pro models. One of them is that the high-end version of this gadget will contain Face ID (facial recognition) components that cannot be seen by the naked eye because they will be found under the display, a technology that is unquestionably different and that could result in additional alterations.

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The Elec and MacRumors are the ones who made the report. They say that Apple could put Face ID technology under the screen of the iPhone 16 Pro. As was already said, when the screen is on, these parts will blend in with the rest of it, leaving only the “cutout” for the front camera, which is now an information bay on the newest iPhones. Ross Young, another Apple analyst, also said that he thought the device would have this kind of technology.

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It had been said for a long time that Apple was working on technology that could be under the screen, and it was thought that it would be in the iPhone 14 Pro. However, it looks like they couldn’t get it ready in time, and it is still in development since it is not on the phone yet. There are rumors that it is part of the iPhone 15 line or the iPhone 15 Ultra, the most advanced version of the line.

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In truth, there is still a lot to work on in this area. ZTE has tried to put these kinds of cameras under the screen before, but the results haven’t been great. Samsung has tried to do the same thing, but its camera is still pretty but not as good. Apple might be waiting to release the iPhone 15 until the technology is better so that it doesn’t make a bad system.

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On the other hand, let’s not forget that Face ID is not a regular camera. Instead, it uses an infrared TrueDepth camera to map your face. Apple could make a system that only uses TrueDepth and separates it from its front camera. However, a report from The Elec suggests that they are looking for a way to combine the two, which would get rid of the upper island or make it only visible when the screen is on. But this could take a long time and affect a whole new generation of Apple products.


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