How To Build Amazon FBA Business In 2022: Seven Steps

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Starting an Amazon FBA business is among the most popular options for novel entrepreneurs and seasoned businesspeople. Considering the ratio of Amazon direct sales versus third-party sellers, rising numbers of purchases coming from FBA resellers point out that this kind of business is not only getting more popular but also significantly more profitable.

Customers often prefer working with familiar and established brands when buying online, so selling with Amazon FBA can help you provide top-level service because customers see no difference between purchasing from Amazon directly and purchasing from an FBA reseller.

Contrary to popular belief, selling on Amazon does not have to be nearly as complicated or costly as many people believe. If you have been considering building an Amazon FBA business, here are the most crucial steps to get you started on the right track.

Cost Levels For Setting Up Your Amazon FBA Business

The costs for running an Amazon FBA business can vary significantly, but your initial investment does not necessarily have to correlate with the outcome and your success. If you don’t plan sales in the triple digits, an Individual Seller account will charge you just under a dollar per sold item.

If you plan on making more sales, you can also choose a Professional plan account with a monthly cost of $39.99 and no per-item billing. The Professional plan includes additional options like inventory management tools, order reports, Web Service and API functions, setting your shipping rates, special listing features, order tax calculation, and granting access rights to other users.

Additional Expenses

Sometimes the essential costs are not enough to get you started, so you should plan for additional expenses like tools for analysis and sourcing lists. Besides the seller account fees, you have to factor in the Amazon shipping costs, sale-related fees, and fulfillment by Amazon fees.

Products like books, music, videos, or games all belong to different categories, and all have different pricing depending on whether the shipping options are standard, expedited, or two-day shipping.

Sale-Related Fees

The sale-related fees include the referral fees determined by the selling price and product category and range between 6% and 45%. Amazon Media categories charge an additional closing fee in addition to the referral, and it costs about $1.80 for books, music, software, video games, DVDs, and video materials.

The usual minimal referral fee is $1, or $2 for jewelry and watches. The services for stocking, picking, packing, and shipping vary based on the package size and weight, and you should also plan for a monthly storage fee for the Amazon warehouses.

Invest In Hosting And Security

Amazon has a wide range of products, and you can combine its web services with the best AWS cloud security experts. Investing in security is one of the wisest upfront decisions when it comes to the safety of your business.

Regardless of how you decide to promote your store, the best you can do to invest in the future success of your Amazon FBA business is to host and set up multiple promotion channels to branch out your strategy. The Amazon Web Services paired with outstanding security solutions are a no-brainer option because they represent the perfect security balance between in-house cloud-based software and third-party solutions.

Your Products And Private Labeling

When choosing products for your store, make sure to collaborate with suppliers who fully comprehend the private labeling process and are okay with branding products with your logo. The availability of selected products, current demand, and ongoing competition are the first things you should consider when deciding on products for your store – but search volume, product size, and weight will also impact your Amazon FBA strategy.

Carefully choose the range of products you want to offer and conduct diligent research to confirm that you choose marketable product ranges that will sell with no setbacks.

Understanding The Amazon Seller Platform

Whether you have already decided on products or not, getting familiar with the Amazon seller platform should be near the top of your list. Learning how to effectively list your products, the Amazon search optimization, deals, vouchers, promotions, competitor analysis, and even A/B testing can come in handy.

If you get acquainted with the platform and the options it provides for you even before making your first sale, you are exponentially increasing your sales potential once you list your products and start selling.

Branding And Marketing

Building an FBA brand rarely comes without serious marketing efforts. The Amazon Seller Central Account has an Advertising section with a built-in advertising platform to help boost your sales. Paid or sponsored ads can help you increase sales while maintaining a low average sale cost.

In addition to using the built-in options on Amazon, you can also use other methods to promote your FBA Brand. Setting up a website for selling niche products and using diverse promotion strategies can be immensely helpful when you are trying to acquire a loyal audience.


Amazon FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazon, is an excellent choice for people who want to try their hand at online retail without breaking the bank. Amazon FBA allows you to make sales with minimum effort on your part regarding the boring bureaucratic section of stocking, packing, shipping, and more. Carefully go through each step to set up your FBA business today and start making money in no time.

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