Local SEO Consultants – Know the Real Power of Local SEO Strategy

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Know The Real Power Of Local SEO Strategy

Do you know the power of local SEO? Well, just open your phone, click the microphone and speak, “OK Google, tell me the names of the best Italian restaurants near me!” What will you find on your mobile screen? The number of excellent and famous Italian restaurants around you. Love the convenience? Well, this is exactly what we mean by local SEO! Now, did you understand what the power behind this strategy is? Are you still confused? Keep reading. If you are looking for Webdesign Berlin, you can take proper help from Google.

The immense power of local SEO for your business!

Local SEO is a crucial part of the search engine optimization strategy. It works for the betterment of your business and leads to its rapid exposure and growth on Google. You achieve double the customers and even reach by using this strategy for your business. But this is only possible if you hire the best local SEO consultants like Ryan Alford. They have immense experience and expertise in creating the best strategy that makes getting the local reach easier for your brand. And the real power of this strategy is what you can read below:

  • Half of the Google queries are related to local SEO –

If you believe the survey and study conducted by a website called Media Today, nearly half of the searches on Google rely upon local SEO results. (46%, to be precise.) Apart from this, you will be shocked to read that around 97% of Google users try getting information about the sources as per the location-based searches. Now you have to decide whether your business is amongst that whooping percentage of brands that are getting so much exposure on the internet because of practicing local SEO strategy. 

  • The increase in local searches in recent years –

Ok, so do you know that the “near me” search-related queries increased about 136% in the past year? Yes, it is one of the most influential developments of any strategies on Google that brings in more exposure to the businesses using this method to grow their brand.

  • The visits to stores nearby the location –

When we say the power of local SEO, we are specifying the message that the people aren’t just searching the businesses near them. But they are also visiting these most often. Don’t you believe it? Then how about accepting the fact that customers visit around 1.5 billion places near them after searching for these on Google! And this happens every month!

  • The rise in local purchase rate —

Practically, why would someone search for a location nearby them? Well, they want to visit that place and make a purchase or use that service. So, it is not a surprising fact that with around 28% of customers, a local search is followed by a genuine purchase.

  • Mobile search leading to the offline store visit –

Here is fabulous news for all those shop owners who have a physical store in the city. If you have a website that is mobile-friendly and has your business listed on Google as well, then you are going to benefit massively through local SEO. Surveys about the local SEO on mobile searches report — nearly 78% of such queries follow an offline visit to the location.

  • The clicks on the searched query –

When you take local SEO seriously, you don’t just have to concentrate on getting more business, but even work hard in getting your brand listed on the top pages. Only then will you get the desired results through this strategy. We are specifying this because around 24% of local searches lead to clicking the first option available on the search results. 

 So, do we need to say anything more about local SEO? Aren’t these reasons and stats enough to let you know the power of this strategy? Now, give us one valid reason not to use this strategy for your business!

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