5 Reasons Why More Traditional Casinos Players Should Make the Switch to Online Play

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Even though online casinos have exploded in popularity lately, many traditional players are still on the fence about them. In most cases, it’s because they feel that online casinos can never truly replicate the traditional gaming experience.

While it’s true that there’s nothing like the action of a live casino, online casinos have done a lot to improve the quality of their games and their ambiance. Live casinos and, more recently, VR casinos, offer a more immersive experience and allow players to feel like they’re in their favourite casino no matter where they are. There are also many things that online casinos simply do better. Let’s take a look at why more traditional casino players should give online gambling a try.

Online Casinos Treat New Players Like Royalty

If you’re a small player at a regular casino, you’re largely invisible. On the other hand, online casinos will do everything they can to attract new players with all sorts of deals.

Some casinos will literally give players free money so they can play. The amounts usually won’t be that much, but that’s still a casino paying you for a chance to win. In most cases, however, casinos will offer a deposit match bonus which can range between anywhere from 100% to 2000% on your first deposits in some cases.

Other casinos will allow you to try some of their games for free and it’s common for them to offer free spins to new players. You need to check on which games you’ll be able to use these spins, however, as many casinos will only allow you to spend on mega-jackpot games with impossible odds.

If you want to know which casinos have the best offers, you should check out OnlineCasinos. Not only does OnlineCasinos look for the casinos with the best bonuses online, but they rate them on a variety of criteria as well. This will give you an idea of how fun and trustworthy a casino is along with some of the pros and cons of each.

No Need to Travel

Having to travel back and forth to a casino is not very convenient either. Again, unless you have lots of money to spend, there’s no point in sitting in traffic and driving long distances just to play a few hands or spins.

With online casinos, your geographical location doesn’t matter. This is great if you happen to live far from any casino or simply don’t feel like going there all the time. Instead of having to wait for a special occasion, you can just sit down, relax, and enjoy your favourite games from the comfort of your home whenever you want. This also means that you won’t have to go through the trouble of getting dressed or spending on things like fuel, food, and drinks.

Online Casinos Have More Games

Online casinos can have thousands of different games while brick-and-mortar casinos have to deal with space limitations. Online casinos can also afford to try different games and bring in new ones every week or month. Traditional casinos, on the other hand, are forced to keep their classics and don’t have much space for trial and error.

This is why online casinos are better if you like variety.  Not only do online casinos have more games, but their games are much more original as well. Lots of online slots have unlockable levels where you can use your skills to win bonuses, for instance. This is not something you’ll see on your traditional slot machine.

Another thing traditional players will love about online casinos is the different variations of traditional games they’ll find. You can expect to see tons of different roulette, blackjack, and baccarat versions you’ve never seen or heard of before. Some of these might have better odds or better gameplay. This is a great way to rediscover old games and maximise your chances of winning.

Online Casinos Are More Transparent

Online casinos are also much more transparent than brick-and-mortar casinos. This is because they’re fully aware of the fact that many people are apprehensive about them for security reasons and because they think online casinos are rigged.

You can expect to find RTP (return-to-player) ratios for virtually any game at an online casino either online or directly on their site. The RTP ratio calculates what percentage of wagers are returned to players on any game. If a game has an RTP ratio of 95%, for instance, this means that £95 is theoretically returned to players for every £100 they spend. This allows you to compare different games with the payouts they offer and see which ones offer the best returns for the odds.

In addition to that, online casinos who care about their reputation go the extra mile by having all of their games audited by a third party and making the findings public. This is something you should verify with every casino as this shows dedication to fair play.

With traditional casinos, you have to go by their reputation only. This can be a great way to tell approximately how fair a casino is, but it’s not as clear as with audits. So, if you think that online casinos are not as safe or fair as traditional casinos, it could actually be the opposite.

You Control the Setting

People who claim to prefer traditional casinos usually only focus on the good parts. They don’t think about the seedy characters they bump into or how scary a casino parking lot can be after 2 AM.

With online play, you get to play where you want and control everything. You can get snacks, go to the bathroom, or leave games and pick them back up whenever you want. You also won’t have to deal with all the noise and human players who may not be in the best state of mind all the time.

These are all reasons why traditional casino players should consider giving online casinos a try. They have greatly evolved over the years and might surprise you with how fun they are.

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