How to Make Your MacBook Even Better

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You love your MacBook — that’s a given. Apple devices have earned the highest user satisfaction ratings for years, thanks to their superior operating systems, sleek designs and swift customer service.

Yet, just because you love your MacBook as it is doesn’t mean you aren’t always looking for ways to make it better. Here are a few tips and tricks for helping your MacBook run at its best.

Clean up Your Files and Documents

Just as you tend to feel better when your bed is made and your carpets vacuumed, your Mac is likely to run a bit smoother when all its digital junk is cleaned up. The most efficient way to eliminate digital clutter is to run a free Mac cleaner, which helps to identify bits of old applications, unused cookies, redundant files and more. Deleting the digital litter gives your MacBook more space, so you can run your processes with greater speed.

End Processes Eating Your Power

If you feel your MacBook getting unusually warm, you probably have some rogue processes running in the background and devouring all your power. Fortunately, there is a simple process for finding and ending those processes:

  • Navigate to your macOS system bar, click Go and select Utilities. Or, press up+command+U.
  • Open the Activity Monitor. Survey the CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk and Network tabs.
  • Look for processes that display your username under the User column. These are processes that you have installed, and they are most likely to cause problems. If any application here is using more than 5 to 10 percent of the CPU time, you might want to decide if you need that application right now. If a process won’t turn off in a usual way — like shutting down the application — you can click X and select Quit or Force Quit to kill it.

Update Your macOS

Until recently, macOS system updates were designed to slow down older devices to compel Apple users to upgrade to the latest tech — but not anymore. These days, updates are intended to optimize resource usage, keeping devices running as fast as possible for as long as possible. Thus, if you don’t have your updates set to download and install automatically, you might take the time to ensure you have the latest updates in place on your MacBook. You can check this by looking in the Software Update window in System Preferences.

Manage Your Startup Programs

When you want to use your MacBook, you don’t want to wait minutes on end for the machine to boot up. You can speed up startup by disabling programs from turning on with your computer, which also helps to limit your background processes throughout the day. Again in System Preferences, you should look under Users & Groups for Login Items. Any application listed that you don’t immediately need upon boot can be turned off with the minus button.

Upgrade Your Memory

Your MacBook’s memory, also called RAM, is like a short-term holding space where the computer stashes data it needs for open applications. When the RAM starts to fill up, it takes more time for the device to find the data it needs, which will result in slower performance. Thus, by giving your MacBook more RAM, you give it more temporary storage space and boost its speed.

Unfortunately, MacBooks aren’t easy to upgrade; in fact, MacBooks manufactured after 2016 require you to replace the entire motherboard to perform system upgrades of this nature. If you have an older computer, you should be careful to follow the instructions on Apple’s support pages to install more RAM without harming your device. Otherwise, when it comes time to buy a new MacBook, you should invest in more RAM from the get-go.

MacBooks are undeniably attractive machines, not just because they are minimally designed and futuristic in style but because they boast some top-of-the-line technology that is sure to serve users for years to come. Yet, even MacBooks require care and upkeep, so if you haven’t put the requisite time into maintaining your device, you might spend a few minutes eliminating old programs and processes, updating your OS and otherwise investing in your computer’s performance. Then, you will be able to enjoy much more time with your beloved MacBook.

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