Apple to Bring Car Crash Detection to iPhone, Apple Watch

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Apple is developing a new iPhone and Apple Watch function that recognizes when you’re in a car accident and instantly dials 911, according to reports.

The current intention is to provide a feature like this next year.

When it detects car wrecks, Google’s Personal Safety app on Pixel phones already has an option to call for help, just like linked car services like GM’s OnStar, Subaru’s Starlink, and Fiat Chrysler’s Uconnect.

Because many automobiles on the road today lack connectivity features, having crash detection on an iPhone also means that more drivers will be able to get the support they need in an accident if they have one in their pocket or affixed to their dashboard.

According to Apple, the rise of dangerous smartphone use in cars paved the path for integration systems like CarPlay and Android Auto, with the former appearing in over 80% of new vehicles by 2020.

Apple’s rumored IronHeart project, which would connect its phone to automobile settings in the same way that HomeKit controls smart speakers and lighting, could benefit from adding a new collision detection feature to the iPhone alongside CarPlay. Using the built-in capabilities to target the yearly $2 billion (approximately Rs. 14,915 crore) revenue stream that GM generates with OnStar would be very Apple.

While Apple’s accident detection hasn’t always performed as expected in the past, the company has had plenty of time to gather data and analytics from willing iOS and watchOS customers. It’s unclear how well Apple will be able to detect car accidents, with much fewer people falling.

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