Kia EV6 GT Review Makes You Want an Electric Car

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Kia wants to be the leader in the world of electric cars. The Koreans know what they need to do, and they won’t leave anything up to chance. With the launch of the Kia EV6 GT, they show that they have the drive and confidence that they will be able to include all drivers in their zero-emission current, even those who want fast and exciting passenger cars. With the GT, they used their engine engineering skills to make the fastest car they’ve ever made. A milestone has been reached without forgetting the parts that are needed for radically different feelings: suspension, steering, and braking. Will they have done what their data says they should have done? We check it.

Electricization is a difficult process for both manufacturers and consumers. As we’ve said in other articles, this kind of propulsion is more expensive and less useful, and Spain still doesn’t have the right infrastructure for it. Everyone knows about the bad things, but what about the good things? Besides the obvious environmental benefits, there are things like how well their engines work, how fast they can go, and how well they roll, which is something that only a few combustion models can do.

With the Kia EV6 GT, we can feel like we’re driving a supercar without putting out a single gram of CO2. It only costs 64,932 euros with launch discounts, which is a very reasonable price. Even though it is ironic, when the Korean crossover range came out more than a year ago, we focused on the most powerful model. It will cost money, but it looks like we’ll soon be able to see it on the streets. The process will start in September 2022 and take until the beginning of 2023 to finish.

An electric Gran Turismo

Cars must seem like a good idea. With the “Opposites united” design philosophy in mind, Kia’s designers have chosen simple but eye-catching design details. We’re talking about the way Kia’s design is inspired by nature, which gives the Kia EV6 GT a simple but dynamic look with hints that will make it stand out to nature lovers. He also won the Car of the Year award for 2022, which was the first award for the brand.

The Tiger Face front has been updated for the electric age by adding LED headlamps and dynamic indicators. Its light is unique, but the side wings and the more pronounced hood, as well as a specific lower bumper that makes the nose wider and hits it more on the ground, give it some differences.

From the side, I’d point out the coupe-style drop, which it shares with the standard EV6, but which looks great with the 21-inch wheels and 255/45 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tires that are unique to this model.

Through them, we can see one of the most important parts of this EV6 GT: the brakes, which are painted neon. They also don’t forget about the spoiler that helps with aerodynamics and the unique diffuser at the back of this version.

There are sports additives inside that you don’t notice. The suede upholstery on the seats gives them more support and makes them more comfortable than the “racing cut.” In them, we find some metal plates with the GT logo and seams that are the same neon green as the brake calipers. On the two-spoke steering wheel, there is a GT selector that lets you switch driving modes more quickly.


This Kia EV6 GT is at the top of the line, so it comes with a lot of high-end technology. We already know about the 12.3-inch curved screens, and they have all the features that come from driving, staying connected, and having fun. Even in the range’s sportiest model, the soundproofing is complete, and only the owner can decide if he wants a sound designed to make him feel like he’s going fast.

We’re not going to talk too much about how it can be lived in, since it’s the same as the other Kia EV6 models. But it’s important to note that its back seats are very roomy and that you can fit everything you need in the car thanks to its 480-liter trunk and 20-liter space under the hood. They couldn’t be more right about where the front electrical block should go.

Supercar performance

If there’s anything that can get us excited, it’s being able to use every single horse that an engine gives you. So that there are no losses in thermal efficiency, the engineers play around with the engines to create a unique driving experience. In this case, the EV6 GT has the same engines, and the front 160 kW/218 hp is the same as the standard AWD model.

On the other hand, the rear has been tightened up to 270 kW (367 hp) for a total of 585 hp and a maximum torque of 740 Nm. According to the company, this change gives the car 80% more power than the lower version, the Kia EV6 AWD, which has 325 hp and 605 Nm of torque. With this twist, it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 260 km/h. This makes it the fastest Kia ever made.

No raw power

Koreans know that power is useless if it can’t be used well. Because of this, they have worked on moving parts like the suspension, steering, and brakes. In the first section, they chose a suspension system that limits side-to-side and front-to-back movement when they brake and turn. The springs on the front axle are 9 percent more flexible and the ones on the back axle are 11 percent more rigid. The GT is also 5 millimeters shorter than it used to be.

The steering ratio is also different. It takes 2.3 turns to lock the wheel, compared to 2.67 turns for a normal car. With the batteries on the floor, the E-GMP platform was a key part of being able to add the electronic solutions that make the Kia EV6 GT behave in the best way possible.

They can put in different kinds of driving systems, like the electronic limited slip differential (e-LSD), because of this architecture. Even though it weighs more than 2.2 tons, this EV6 GT drives very well because of this part. You’ll notice a data point on the scale in the first curve, but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost control or are rolling too much. You can’t deny that there is inertia, but the EV6 is what will set the leading axis to make a turn on rails.

Along with the Intelligent Traction System and Electronic Suspension Control, the technology has been fine-tuned to the millimeter and is always working to make the GT stable (ECS). There are aids that change how they work depending on the driving mode. Sport, Sport+, and Drift stand out because they let the rear axle do up to 100 percent of the work. Perfect for trying to skid and finding that you have a level of control that is only good for “sideways” pros.

Kia EV6 GT gives you so much confidence

Since the Koreans had nothing to hide, they let us test the Kia EV6 GTs on a track near Stockholm. If testing on the track made us want more, it was because the car gives you so much confidence. The speed was the cherry on top. Only the Audi RS e-tron GT (3.3 seconds), the Porsche Taycan Turbo (3.2 seconds), and the Mercedes EQS AMG 53 (3.4 seconds) are faster than its 0–100 km/h time of 3.5 seconds.

A great comparison for the Kia EV6 GT, whose best feature is also its ability to drive. It’s comfortable, quiet, and quick, but not boring. A pretty cool Gran Turismo that shows how two of the most efficient electric drives can make a car go faster. Of course, there will still be problems with the charger network and long wait times.

Even though this Kia EV6 GT feels amazing, it is still an electric car. Based on the WLTP cycle, that means stopping at a charging station every 424 kilometers. If you drive it based on how fast it goes, it makes sense that it will go much slower. Its 77.4 kWh battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes with ultra-fast chargers, which are not available to everyone, least of all in Spain.

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