How it Feels to Have Intercourse with a Trans: Points from Both Perspective

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For every transgender person, having sex is more than just intercourse: it makes relatively more sense to them than to straight people. This has a greater emotional appeal when it is their first time, after all, having sex after transitioning is a whole new experience. They may be nervous at first but start feeling comfortable over time when it persists; this is when they start feeling that natural sexual aurora that straight people get when they have sex. In most cases, how these sets of people feel is better experienced than told, ‘cos even those seen on trans live cam does not exactly always portray the feeling trans experience during intercourse.

How the Trans Woman Feel Contrary to what we see on Trans Live Cam

How it Feels to Have sex with a Trans

Unlike what most trans live cam videos will want us to believe about trans women, their feeling is galvanized with curiosity, and the funny thing here is that, unlike straight people, they are yet to understand their identity fully. Sex for them, every time, is a new experience; it helps them understand their new body better. To them, every sexual experience is a lesson they won’t get by just watching trans-live cams. But don’t get it wrong, the sexual excitement is still there, but reaching the Centre-point of their sexual experience might take longer.

Let’s take, for example, a trans woman who takes time to understand anal sex fully. While some will prefer baby oil being used on them, most of the time, they think such application makes it too smooth to get that hardcore sexual excitement; thus, their choice most of the time is to go without lubrication.

Again, these women struggle with getting the exact sexual experience they need, probably because of their past lives. Because all the sexual experiences were obtained as men, they often have problems submitting to their partners, who are now dominants. So, switching from being the ‘dominos’ to the dominated does affect their sexual experience, and it takes a while for them to adjust to their new sexual orientation. For most trans women, even as they feel excited throughout the sexual process, there is still that urge to learn more about themselves while in the process. This is more emotional than physical, thus, why you can’t see them on any trans-live cam materials.

How it Feels having Sex with Trans Men

What you feel about having sex with trans men looks almost similar to sex with trans women. They both have to first deal with their past lives. Unless the tans man was once gay, there is always a slow start in the sexual excitement. Most of the time, having sex with trans men is considered experimental; this is because in the first few days, weeks, or years of their sexual activity as trans, they will spend it experimenting on what works. And as a straight woman sexing a trans man, you might have to be patient with them to find their ground. But this all depends, though; it depends on your sexual relationship with these people, as in, how often you guys engage in the act. When you are just hanging out with some random trans man, you may end up thinking trans sexual experience is ‘whack,’ while on the contrary, you are just the one missing out on how to get them back on track. If you want to know trt nations review, you can follow Google. 

You also have to understand that hormones also play a role in the whole process. His hormone levels can affect the level of erection, orgasm, and general sexual arousal. This is where you need a lot of medical advice, but most of the time, it simply adjusts without an external remedy. But in this case, we’d recommend you don’t force it.

When the sexual arousal of your trans partner is not as strong as you want, give it time; it is just like every other normal process in many trans. This is even applicable in straight people; sometimes, a woman will like to have sex with her partner, but complications in the man’s hormones will hinder the process. Complications like Endocrine disorders, Low testosterone, High BP, and diabetes are seen as major causes.

Finally, the trans-live cam experience only gives you the chance to experience a transsexual lifestyle. Still, it will never give you the chance to experience the indebt knowledge of what it feels like to have sex with them. This is to say, in essence, that any sexual adventure you see on trans live cam is more of an art and should be taken lightly, hence, the need for a real-world experience.

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